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I bought a Sony bravia 65XE900E recently. For a LED TV the HDR is really good, especially considering the price. Got a good deal on it in the UK. I paid £1545, but got a free 4k film with it and £200 cashback.

One of the best thing is it has Chromecast built in so I can throw stuff from my phone across including showbox.

4k games look amazing and HDR is really impressive. Price should be coming down for this TV as a newer model is about to release.

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Depends on what kind of features you want. 4K TVs don't just look better. They gave web browsers, movie apps, voice commands, Google Play store,etc. If your old TV isn't a smart TV, prepare to be blown away!

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If you are gonna get one make sure it has low input lag when HDR is enabled. And low input lag in general. Also make sure it's HDR is true HDR