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Forums - Music Discussion - Who do you think will win Eurovision 2018?


BELGIUM: Sennek - A Matter of Time

BULGARIA: Equinox - Bones 0 0%
CROATIA: Franka - Crazy 1 3.45%
ESTONIA: Elina Nechayeva - La forza 0 0%
FRANCE: Madame Monsieur - Mercy 2 6.90%
GERMANY: Michael Schulte ... 2 6.90%
ISRAEL: Netta Barzilai - Toy 2 6.90%
ITALY: Ermal Meta & F... 3 10.34%
None of the above 19 65.52%


Awful song.

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Turns out Israel won. While I'm not surprised, I'm kinda disappointed. This year was really strong and even Cyprus would have been a better winner imo.


Wha...what am I watching. O_O

Oh, she said Pikachu. I suppose that makes her a worthy winner.

meh, I liked about 10+ songs in this years final (much more than in previous ESCs), quite a shame one of the ones I'm not too thrilled about won

Fuck this world... austria didnt won...


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So Israel huh, I guess I’m fine with that song winning. I’m glad it wasn’t Cyprus, I didn’t like her Beyonce impersonation. I was rooting for Austria to maintain it’s jury win.

Flilix said: 

I fear that this year is going to be like 2016, lots of great songs but a horrible winner.

Flilix said:
UK is fifth in the odds now.

Am I deaf or are the bookmakers drunk?

The bookmakers were drunk.

Lol just seen China censored most of Irelands performance because it had some sort of homosexual references.

Like wtf is wrong with them!

Israel was fresh, but the cheap chicken show was nowhere close to Cyprus's world class performance :/

bookmakers and juries have been pure fail this year, bookmakers predicted Ireland 3rd but came 14th, and juries ranked Italy's great song 17th where they public placed it 3rd

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^

I didn't watch the ESC yesterday, but read lots of ESC-related tweets this morning. So many of them were complaining about the winning song to be really bad, usually comparing the artist with a chicken and her performance with the "chicken dance".

I believed this was just the usual Twitter-exaggerations - until I actually watched the winning performance.
Jeez, what a crap.