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Who's your favorite late night show host?

Johnny Carson 2 5.56%
David Letterman 1 2.78%
Jay Leno 2 5.56%
Conan O'Brien 15 41.67%
Jimmy Kimmel 1 2.78%
Craig Ferguson 4 11.11%
Jimmy Fallon 1 2.78%
Stephen Colbert 7 19.44%
James Corden 1 2.78%
Jon Stewart 2 5.56%

Conan and Jimmy Fallon for me. I don't like Kimmel, Colbert is ok but not my favorite...
Also how the hell is Jon Stewart not on this list? Cause I really liked that guy.

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In this order: Craig, Conan, Colbert and Trevor Noah, It seems like there's no love for Noah, for a completely new guy in the scene he is pretty clever and his comedy is on point (here is proof: )

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I picked Craig Ferguson. He had great monologues, was consistently funny, kept his politics light, had an unrivalled energy, and was great with guests - even the lesser famous ones.

Today’s hosts are unwatchable. They’re too politically one sided and shills for the Democratic Party. As a result, they aren’t funny or deserving of their position.


Conan has never made me laugh - ever.


Steven Chowder is not a late night host per se, but has a very funny show on YouTube worth checking out.

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Old school John Stewart.
Stephen Colbert circa Colbert Report
Space Ghost
Jay Leno

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I don't expect many votes for Johnny Carson, but he is the reason all of these other guys exist.

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Caron was the best. None of the current modern hosts can hold a candle to him,they're garbage.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:

Conan and Jimmy Fallon for me. I don't like Kimmel, Colbert is ok but not my favorite...
Also how the hell is Jon Stewart not on this list? Cause I really liked that guy.

My mistake. These polls don't give you enough slots to put hosts on them. Also, I only had in mind the more traditional hosts from the networks, which was a mistake on my part. Jon Stewart and John Oliver are true example of those outside the traditional network shows who have made a name of themselves and doing their own thing.

I really like all them.

Host would probably be Conan and Kimmel but my current favorite show is Last Week with John Oliver.

All time favorite show was Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Colbert Report a close second). From just a host perspective I really liked Craig Ferguson.


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Conan followed by john Oliver

Jimmy Fallon is one of the..if not thee worst late night host ever. I try so hard to like him. Not as a person just a host... can't do it. I get the whole concept of pushing the millennial agenda which of you ask me... depreciates his demographic...but he comes off as disingenuous. That being said...I like Ferguson. Very underrated. Something must have rubbed someone wrong behind scenes with him...because he should have easily been the front runner for Leno or Lettermans slot. Carson is before me...but I watch him on antenna TV every so often and the guy is good. Too good to compare anyone else like him. He's in his own league. If I had to choose over the current line up I would go with James Cordin. Not because I actually like watching him... but because he's the lesser of the other poisons.

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