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Who's your favorite late night show host?

Johnny Carson 2 5.56%
David Letterman 1 2.78%
Jay Leno 2 5.56%
Conan O'Brien 15 41.67%
Jimmy Kimmel 1 2.78%
Craig Ferguson 4 11.11%
Jimmy Fallon 1 2.78%
Stephen Colbert 7 19.44%
James Corden 1 2.78%
Jon Stewart 2 5.56%

John Oliver is fantastic. He usually educates people about topics that aren't necessarily trendy/popular, like his episodes on gerrymandering, and his net neutrality videos arguably kickstarted the NN support campaigns.

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John Stuart, Old Colbert (when he was ON John Stuart's show), I guess Conan's ok. Other than that? Bleh, none of them. These days it's all just a constant "Lawl did you hear what TRUMP did today???" It extremely bland, lazy, and repetitive. I'd rather watch paint dry to be honest.


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Conan, easily.
I'll never forget the last few shows he did on The Tonight Show before he left NBC. In fact, I saved them to DVD. They way he dissed the NBC executives was classic. He also did an awesome job as the host of the White House correspondent's dinner back in 2013. Here's hoping he gets to host it again soon.

Conan, Colbert and Corden... why do they all start with "Co"....

Not into Fallon/Kimmel, haven't really seen much of the rest.

Conan easily is my favorite.


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I like John Oliver

Graham Norton is the best. The format of his show is so enjoyable with all guests coming out at once and the conversation hoping from person to person. Graham is very apt at making guest talk and never hogs the attention like Jimmy Fallon. Makes me wish I was British.

Jon Stewart was incredible on the Daily Show and also when he was interviewed by other people (like Bill O'Reilley on Fox News). I'm sad that he left the show but I understand why he did.

John Oliver - Best Daily Show alumni, Last Week Tonight is very enjoyable and feels like investigative journalism with jokes put in.

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Craig Ferguson and its not close. I miss him (and his Robot sidekick) way more than I thought I would.

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Great thread; I thought about making one on this topic a couple of years ago.  I'll just stick to the five I watch (Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, Meyers and Conan).


Best Monologue: Tie:  Colbert & Kimmel

I love Jimmy Kimmel's monologue as his delivery and attitude are great. His only weakness here is that he tends to interrupt his monologue with lame comedy bits interspersed throughout.  Fallon's monologue is the worst as his delivery is not great, but it's not very long either. 


Best Skits: Tie:  Colbert & Conan

Everyone is a bit hit and miss here.  Colbert has the "Big Furry Hat" and "Latenight Confessions".  Kimmel is the worst as far as skits. I love "Mean Tweets" and when Yehya critiques movies and "Unnecessary Censorship" is ok, but Guillermo and Cousin Sal are boring.  Seth has "Ya Burnt!" and a couple of other good ones but whenever his writers are featured they're horrible.  Fallon's good ones are "Superlatives" and "Thank You Notes"; Conan has "Celebrity Surveys", "What Am I Watching", "Mascots who shouldn't Dunk", and of course, "Clueless Gamer".


Best Writers:  Colbert

Brian Stack is funny as hell. He used to be with Conan (Wikibear!) but is now with Colbert and is featured regularly.  The worst writers are Seth Meyers'; not that they don't probably write good jokes, but whenever they are featured in skits they are terrible and not funny at all.


Best Band:  Colbert - Stay Human

Jon Batiste and his band are just awesome.  Even heard them playing a Zelda tune once as they went to commercial.


Overall:  Stephen Colbert

Colbert is my favorite (hilarious, smart and lovable) but I make it a point to watch all of them up to when their guests come out.  The only exception is Fallon who I don't care if I miss.  He tries to be too hip for his own good.  Likeable guy, just not that funny or the best host in the world.

I would have voted John Oliver if he was in the poll.
In absence of him, I vote Colbert, mainly for his Colbert Report.

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