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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo finally tops its 1999 success at the 2018 AIAS DICE Awards - Zelda wins big

Nintendo’s hardware designer, Genyo Takeda, has been awarded a place in the AIAS Hall of Fame; joining the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto who was indicated in 1998. He is Nintendo’s very first video game designer; who began working with the company in 1972, and designing Nintendo’s first video game, EVR Race.

He designed Star Tropics and Punchout, although his most noteworthy contributions came with his role as a hardware designer. His biggest win was the Wii, and the business philosophy around it of industry expansion.

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Dang, they cleaned up.

Not sure why you are trying to downplay the VGAs and site awards since Nintendo cleaned up most of those as well...

Glad to see Samus Returns and Snipperclips get some love too...

Have a nice day...

Just when I thought Zelda was done kicking ass, it turned out there were more asses to kick.

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It is such a phenomenal game.
I think it is a shame that the team isn’t expanding it further. I would love to bridge over to other lands - but I guess the Monolith Soft team has moved on.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Good. Hopefully they keep releasing great games in the coming months.

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An amazing comeback for Nintendo!

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The game is over a year old now and it's still picking up awards.

Nautilus said:
More than deserved!

This statement means two things :o

As for Nintendo's awards that's fantastic, not only for the big guns of Mario and Zelda but also cool to see Snipperclips making some waves too, that game for something so small and simple is genuinely just a joy to play with others.

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