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Forums - Music Discussion - Your top 5 Music Artists/Bands of All Time

I'm just curious what everyone considers their favorite music artist's/bands. If you want to expand on it and include top 5 current artist that's cool too. 

For me in no particular order;

1. The Beatles. Revolutionized modern music and just simply amazing to listen to. I wasn't always a Beatles fan. It was something I started to appreciate when I was in my late teens. 

2. Johnny Cash. By far my favorite country artist. Whenever I hear his music I can hear the pain inside him. I just love the dark-gritty nature of his music. 

3. System of a Down. My go to band during my teen years. Ever since my sister introduced me to them I loved all their music.  

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Kind of out of left field compared to other artist. When I was a kid, my parents showed me the movie Amadeus, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. I fell in love with his music and personality after that. 

5. Kendrick Lamar. Might not have revolutionized the rap game, but I would say he's the best of his genre now and will go down as one of the best rappers ever. His story telling and lyrics are top notch. 

So what is your top 5?   

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Ka-pi96 said:
1. Dir En Grey. Just my favourite band by far. Don't really like their first couple of albums, but from Vulgar onwards they've been pretty much perfect. Can't wait for their next album, it's been over 3 years already!

2. UVERworld. Not in to them as much as I used to be, but still love some of their older stuff. Plus their songs are great for karaoke.

3. Linkin Park. The best debut album I've ever heard, with a great 2nd album too. They also had one of the worst albums I've ever heard, but started to get good again after that.

4. Yui. My go to travel music. Any time I'm on a train I'll start off by listening to some of her songs.

5. One Ok Rock. Not too keen on their more recent stuff, but I still really like their older albums.

Which Dir en grey songs are your favourite? I like Yokan, Shokubeni, Merciless Cult, C, and a few others. Withering to Death is my favourite album of theirs.

I've lost a lot of interest in music (unlike other forms of entertainment I don't really read about its history or follow it). I pretty much exclusively listen to video game music now. But I'll try.

Our Lady Peace
Linkin Park
The Offspring
Alice in Chains

Like John Coltrane and Bill Evans too.

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That title, though.

Hard to choose 5 as I get bored of music quickly.

1. System of a Down
2. Maximum the Hormone
3. Slipknot

4. Rammstein

5. I will just give shoutouts to a few of them: Lonely Island (the comedy!), Big Bang, Fall out Boy, 3oh3, Alestorm, Seether, Fort Minor, Lindemann, tons of anime and video game music.

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Modest Mouse
Def Leppard

1 Iron Maiden
2 Dire Straits
3 Guns n Roses
4 Avantasia
5 Nightwish

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Linkin Park
Charles Mingus

mZuzek said:
I also wanna say the amount of Linkin Park in this thread is giving me nausea.

Agreed. But I’m not surprised. The number of people who claim to be bored by music is also unsettling. 

mZuzek said:
I also wanna say the amount of Linkin Park in this thread is giving me nausea.

If it makes you feel any better, my comment was sarcastic for the purpose of testing Poe's Law. I was wondering if I added a good artist or two if my list would be believable. 


Also, you have no right to judge. Muse is nearly as bad.