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Forums - Music Discussion - Your top 5 Music Artists/Bands of All Time

In no particular order
Linkin Park
Papa Roach
Green Day


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No Order:
Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, The White Stripes, The Beatles, The Hold Steady.

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The Beatles, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson (Off The Wall and Thriller), Kanye West (3 first albums), David Bowie.
Personally Daft Punk is by far the best band of the 2000's and 2010's (Discovery is the best dance album of ALL Times and RAM the best album of this decade )
The Beatles revolutionize Pop and Rock Music.
And Michael Jackson is the best entertainer ever and Thriller the best album of the 80's.

Linkin Park
Our Lady Peace
Drowning Pool
Porcupine Tree
Alice in Chains

Something like...

Muse (easily #1)
The Mars Volta
Bruno Mars
Lady Gaga
The Beatles

Yeah, something like that. The past few months I've been listening to Muse non-stop, so it's a little hard to come up with the others

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super_etecoon said:
That title, though.

I didn't even notice until this morning....ugh. 

smroadkill15 said:
super_etecoon said:
That title, though.

I didn't even notice until this morning....ugh. 

Also have to change artist's/band's to artists/bands

VGPolyglot said:

Also have to change artist's/band's to artists/bands

There we go lol. 

My own personal heavily biased choices based on my own musical tastes currently:

1. Metallica
2. Alter Bridge
3. Staind
4. Seether
5. Three Day's Grace

My unbiased opinion across all genres:

1. Elvis Presley- The King of Rock & Roll deserves the #1 spot for his groundbreaking work in popularizing Rock, my favorite genre.

2. Michael Jackson- The King of Pop, he created more catchy songs than just about any other artist out there.

3. Johnny Cash- The best country artist of all-time in my opinion, and one of the few country artists I like listening to (it's one of my least favorite genres)

4. Eminem- The best rapper of all-time in my opinion, I used to listen to quite a few of his song in my youth, before rock became my favorite genre

5. John Williams- I feel he deserved a spot in this top 5 for his fantastic movie soundtracks, which include Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Home Alone, and the first 3 Harry Potter movies.

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Bit disappointed actually. ..I somehow hoped to learn about some great, new music. Instead everyone here seems to be living in the past.