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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Video: Bayonetta 3 is more important for sales than Pokemon Switch

The gist of this guy's idea is that Pokemon players come to buy for Pokemon, while a Bayonetta player will buy other games like it. 

...I feel as if that were the case, we'd have evidence of Bayonetta fans buying a lot of Dante or Wonderful 101, which I have never heard evidence of. Plus the idea that Pokemon buyers will only buy Pokemon is a tad odd. 

I mean even as a kid, I got non-Pokemon games on my handhelds. I buy other games for my little sisters's 3DS and she had bought other titles, like Poocy and Yoshi's Whooly World. And I see little reason why Pokemon fans would not bleed over into, say, Mario Kart or such. 

Sure they might not help the sales of Awakening or Link Between Worlds, but the point seems weak. 

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No... Need I say more?

I'm excited for a moderately big 3rd party exclusive such as Bayonetta 3 on Switch and all, but Pokemon is around as big of a sales pusher on systems such as Mario, Fifa and Call of Duty.

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...Yeah I'm not really seeing that.

Some of the most successful action/hack and slash games barely ever cross 5m in sales. Bayonetta 3, like 2, exists as a bonus for those dedicated fans, it's not gonna push a ton of systems by itself. Pokemon...yeeeeeah, Pokemon is gonna push millions of systems singlehandedly (or, I guess, dual-handedly since there'll be two sister games!). And those Pokemon sales will likely dive in on a Mario Kart, a Mario Odyssey, even maybe a Kirby.

Bayo keeps the most core of fans happy, the same kind of fans that are likely buying into the niche games anyway; Pokemon brings in MANY more casual fans that'll buy into the big, key games. That said, I'm very glad both exist on the same system!

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Even if the ratio at which Pokemon gamers buy other games is way below that of Bayonetta, it will still easily make more of a difference by the simple virtue of exponentially greater volume.

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I do agree that Bayonetta seems to be off to a rise in sales and popularity and that Pokémon will sell lots of copies/Switches to people who will only buy Pokémon, but that's inevitable with a franchise this big.

I also think Bayonetta 3 is more important that Pokémon for another Nintendo release: Metroid Prime 4, given both series are mature, for hardcore players and star a female main character I feel like a good performance in sales by Bayonetta would lead into an almost guaranteed good performance from Metroid, which is absolutely what Nintendo needs now, on the other hand Pokémon will just give an insane push for the hardware, but I don't know how many of the Pokémon fans will even consider buying Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo games sells Nintendo consoles. Simple as that. Has been that way since the N64.

Eh.. he has a point in saying people who buy Pokémon only buy a console for pokemon. People do do that, but not a ton of them do. The majority of them will buy Pokémon and other Nintendo franchises. And then you have the ones that buy Pokémon and third parties.

Bayo 3 is more important for Switch reputation among older fans. But nothing really trumps Pokémon.

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I love Bayonetta 3, and it will certainly shift a small crowd who didn't bite on Bayonetta 2 in hopes of future entries elsewhere, but Pokemon is going to move units - some of whom haven't had a Nintendo home console in a WHILE.

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While I think Bayonetta can definitely grow as a franchise, it'll never be more important to the Switch than Pokemon.