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Forums - Sony Discussion - Secret of Mana out today! - Who's buying it?

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Who's buying it?

Physical all the way (Gamestop exclusive) 6 20.69%
Digital PS4 6 20.69%
Digital PSV 2 6.90%
Not interested 9 31.03%
No physical outside of Gamestop? Hell no! 1 3.45%
Others (please state) 5 17.24%

I'll wait for the Switch version.

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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Pre order digitally on PS4, concerned about the bad reviews....  will be trying it later.

I'll pick it up. I'm not bothered by the change to 3D models and having never finished the original, it's a great opportunity to finally finish it. I can only hope that with enough sales, the far superior Secret of mana 2 will be remade and official translated to the West. I assume that's the plan but I'm afraid there isn't enough hype for this going on. Not sure why people get hunged up on the sprite to 3d model (which seems to be the most talked about issue) I can only assume that sprite games require waaaaay more capital to make from scratch, specially when this remake seems to be testing the waters and gauging interest for the franchise.

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Buying it on switch as well.

Nah, waiting for a price drop on this one. Or a Switch version, whichever comes first.

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My copy just arrived. Got it on the PS4, just beat the first boss a few mins ago.

i wanna play but the mouth not moving when they talk really bugs me. Might buy it later when it's cheaper solely for the coop capabilities so I can play it with my sister.

Turns out today was the first day of my vacation, so I made sure to select an EB store for pickup in the province I'm travelling to. Still one more flight, and then I'll be picking it up.

Picking it up this weekend, very excited for this remake.

Waiting for my physical copy to arrive.

Sure are a lot of people waiting for a port of a game that was never announced or hinted at.

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