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Forums - Sports Discussion - Super Bowl 52: Patriots vs Eagles


Super Bowl 52: Patriots vs Eagles

Patriots 3 21.43%
Eagles 11 78.57%

Yes Patriots are back in this.

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Patriots are letting too many people slip.

Go the Eagles!

Screw the Foles trick play, that Infinity War trailer is the highlight of the Super Bowl!!!

great game, but i feel pats have a better chance now.

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Eagles are falling apart.

Anyone else getting deja vu?

newwil7l said:
Anyone else getting deja vu?

Patriots are good when it comes to playing the long game. I'm just worried what they will do if the Eagles get some numbers on the board.

eh it's pretty much over now. Patriots will do another touchdown in the last seconds.

EDIT: Should've waited for the fumble before commenting lol

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That’s it, folks!
Philly wins the Super Bowl!