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The_Liquid_Laser said:
I'm down with what the OP is saying in a very general way (i.e. the specific details may play out somewhat differently). The main thing I would disagree with is a 2025 date for the Switch's successor. I think it will likely be 2023. When Kimishima says they'll support the Switch for 10 years, that doesn't mean they'll have a later release date for Switch's successor. It means that they want to keep Switch going as a lower end system, so that they can still make money on it. Sony kept shipping PS2's out until 2013. That is more what Kimishima means. They want to keep supporting Switch just like Sony supported PS2. Besides, a company makes a lot higher profit margins on a console's tail end. All of the costs are lower.

Jackpot! Nintendo intends to keep selling the Switch even after mainstream support has ended for it regardless just like the 3DS ... 

Switch holding out for another 7 years with 4 core franchises left to play sounds about as realistic as both Sony/Microsoft not releasing a new successor within their advertised 10 year lifespan for their current platforms ... 

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wonder if they're gonna use their patent of the supplemental device to boost power

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Some of those Switch models look unnecessary and redundant. Not to mention, would defeat the entire point of the Switch to begin with.

What the hell happened after 2022? Did you decide to go full-on pipe dream?

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Too many Sku's is not a good idea.

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SegataSanshiro said:
Too many Sku's is not a good idea.

You beat me to it, but I'm betting we aren't the only ones. Way too many sku's.

Also @op, what the hell is a Switch Girl, and how is it different from a Switch boy? Please feel free to answer in as puerile a way as is humanly possible.

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I really like the Switch SP model. I can see that taking off. Ill buy one.

Also i know Nintendo stated 10 years however i dont believe it. The hardware wont hold up in 10 years and as the generations continue gamers are becoming more power enthusiast. 

They will release an upgraded Switch with more power or a Switch 2.0.

Id believe it when i see it.

They can't support the Switch for 10+ years if they want even some 3rd party support after 7-8 the Switch has been out.

Switch GO, Boy, Mini and TV don't fit with the general "switching" concept (switch controllers and switch from TV to handheld or vice versa), unless they call them something else. The XL version is the most likely to happen soon. Personally I think we will see plenty of hardware revisions, with better internals, battery, screen etc and with time, limited compatibility of original Switch with the latest software, but still fully compatible with the accessories. The hardware will change, the concept won't.

too many skus. you guys are really overthink these things