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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Visual Equipment in RPGs - How do you feel about it?

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I'm a big fan of visual changes to equipment/ I love tweaking the hell out of what my characters wear in my RPG's. I remember spending 20 mins trying to deck out my Monk in D3, to the point where I actually skipped from town to town, trying to find the dyes I wanted, as well as doing challenges and seasons to collect matching armor sets, not only for the bonuses, but also for looks as well. I find those RPG's that don't roll with visual changes, tend to hold back a bit of that freedom to change how your character looks, and feels more like the game is telling you how to play and what to wear.

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I personally really like it and “Visible” equipment in my opinion should alway be a thing. The capabilities of the consoles can easily support it so if it’s not there it’s simply laziness from the developers.

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Love it

...even though the above is not exactly "equipment" per say, but you catch my drift.

I don't care much, but I know many people like it, so why not.

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I don't like it. I want to use the best possible equipment, and not care about how it looks. In some cases certain equipment combos can look really dumb, although some full sets look really dumb as well... so yeah. Much prefer if there's just a default character model and it stays as that no matter what. I do like to see the weapons change though.

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I liked how they did it on ffxii, some things change but you can still see the character design. I hate it when heads are covered

I thought Xenoblade Chronicles X had a great system. On top of the usual equipment menu you had a fashion gear menu in which you could equip items that merely affected the looks of you characters. So if you wanted the armour you equipped to also be represented visually you could just leave the fashion gear menu alone (default setting), if you wanted to choose for yourself how the characters should look you could just go wild in the fashion gear menu. And if you wanted the characters to retain the default look you could take their initial gear and equip those items as fashion gear.


I really like it when different armour pieces also have different visual representations. I like it even more when I'm allowed to customise without having to worry about stats. And I understand why some just want the characters to retain that default look. By having one equipment screen for changing stats and another for changing visuals you're able to satisfy everyone, which is why I think such a menu should be mandatory in RPG's.



There was one thing I forgot to mention. Xenoblade Chronicles X also had an option to hide head armour. That's another thing that should be mandatory in RPG's!

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Definitely like different equipment to change how my character looks. Though I definitely want an option to make helmets invisible (like there is in Dragon Age), so you can still see the characters.

I do like to dress up as something different than the default costumes you get at the start of any adventure. But sometimes I just prefer the way they are at the start (Ex: Chrono Trigger), so there's no real need to change their appearance.

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I think transmogification solves this problem. More games should adopt it, especially if it can screw up the story element of your game.