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SanAndreasX said:

I've always had mixed feelings about visual equipment other than weapons or shields. I really don't want my characters to always look like generic bucket heads. I don't mind changeable costumes for them. Breath of the Wild doesn't do too badly with this although I still prefer the classic Link look and at least have him wear a green Link cap. His outfit did change color in older games with the Blue Ring and Red Ring, and he wore armor in Twilight Princess. But in Fallout 3/NV/4, I always wanted my character to look like a rifle toting soccer mom or librarian or hooker without taking a huge hit in defense. 

I just wish the jewelry head pieces in BOTW could be substituted for the head pieces for the other sets. Many times, the head piece for whatever set has a bonus, looks like shit.

Or as many games allow have a [Hide helmet slot] type of option.

I find myself many time playing that game using the legs and chest piece of something and then the circlet of that same type. So basically for aesthetic reasons I'm handicapping myself of a set bonus.

Seeing as the game becomes quite easy with upgardes it's not a big deal. Kind of like the handicap. But still. (Havne't upgraded past level 2 in armor for that reason. I want the bonus, but not the game breaking armor you get with later upgrades. Even lvl 2 is insanely helpful for defense. On Master Mode)

I find I do a lot of things for aesthetic reasons. Cosntantly switching my shield/bow/weapon ect based on what armor I'm wearing or what other weapon I'm using at the time. If I'm suing say a Gerudu weapon, then I pop out the golden bow and radiant shield and so on to better match. And if weather permits I will switch to a more pleasing armor to fit all that.