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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Visual Equipment in RPGs - How do you feel about it?

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I think not having visual equipment is just lazy. It's OK but I don't like it. At the very least it's immersion-breaking.

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Bristow9091 said:

Yeah this is pretty much how I feel most of the time, but i think it comes down to the game you're playing... for example, if it's a WRPG, most of the time you're playing as yourself, an avatar you create for the story, that's all well and good, I'm fine with any sort of customisation for that. 

But when it comes to JRPGs, where more often than not you're playing the role of an already established character in the story, who already has their own design ready, this is when I'm not a fan of new equipment changing their appearance, especially if it means wearing a set of mis-matched armour types to get the best stats or something... if they MUST have visual equipment, then at least keep it in line with the designs of the characters so it doesn't ruin their appearance. I'm fine with weapons, just not armour, lol. 

Since you've played Xenoblade Chronicles, hopefully you'll know what I mean when I say that sometimes the customisation can kill the mood of cutscenes and stuff, lol. 

Yeah, that's how I feel as well. Just focus on a few default outfits that fit the character, and don't make me use Gundam Reyn just to maximize stats. I'll admit I had Sharla in her underwear a few times, but once I got done snickering like Master Roshi I would feel dirty and change her into something less stupid.

Fortunately Xenoblade Chronicles 2 does away with this, and only allows you to change your weapon design, all characters keep their default outfit, with one exception due to a story event. No more armor shuffling, just accessory shuffling that doesn't impact your appearance.

As for your last reminds me of this Bravely Default comic. XD

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