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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - All New Microsoft Studio Releases Will be On Xbox Game Pass

konnichiwa said:
Teeqoz said:

Just like you could do with Netflix or HBO, and I'm sure people do that. But most people remain subscribed. Subscription models for distribution are gaining steam in every other field of entertainment, and many have just been waiting for the when it would take off for gaming as well.


The interesting thing here will be wether Microsoft's "download the games and play them on your own hardware" or Sony's "stream the games from out servers" model will prove most successful. I think both have some businessadvantages, Sony's model having the primary advantage of you not having to actually own the hardware, while Microsoft's model provides a better gaming experience, but you have to own the hardware.

The ideal solution might be a combination of the two - allow those that own the hardware to download the games, but also have streaming available for those that don't.

I platinumed the ratchet games on PS now and I wasn't that impressed, one of the game felt like I was playing on youtube 2005 video quality. I gave my sister one year subscription to the xbox pass so she can play what she wants. 

Anyway Nintendo pass would be insane if you can also take the games on the go (you don't have to be online to play on x game pass).

Yup, PSNow has ways to go to improve quality, but I think the most important issue is lag. All the streaming services have shown that having the best quality isn't the most important part, convenience and price is. Quality just needs to be acceptable (but PS Now still isn't there in most areas). But like I said, a model that combines both streaming capabilites and offline capabilites would be ideal.

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vivster said:
Kinda telling. I mean they know how many games they're gonna release in the next 3 years. I'm sure they did the math.

Well lets do some math and make some arguments why this could be a good idea...

This year it includes enough content to justify a year of Gamepass. I assume it will get Sea of Theives, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, maybe another Forza, and maybe other surprises.

Its worth noting MS and other companies don't actually get $60 when they sell a game in retail. The return is probably closer to $30 based on estimates we hear. While Gamepass is money coming directly to them, and someone subscribing for a year is a lot more money from the consumer directly.

Not everybody is going to subscribe to Gamepass given they won't actually own the game and many still want physical copies.

The only announced MS games I'm excited enough to buy at launch is Crackdown 3. But if I can play all of their releases with Gamepass, then that's a very appealing reason to subscribe and stay subscribed.


I think this is an awesome idea, it will encourage a lot of avid gamers to subscribe, and that will increase 1st party revenue.

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Will you own these games ? Nope.

That's all there's to it. Sorry, I'm no fan of the Game as a service thing-y

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I was ready to say “meh, cool” until I saw Papa Phil had said day one release on Game Pass. I mean, unless they’re talking trials or something... this is megaton for Xbox consumers. Holy shit.

One more thing about Game Pass--the titles don't stay there forever. The game may be there day one but it could be gone in a month. Then, you can buy it at a discount. If the game is good enough, people will want to own it.

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Sound pretty good.

MS is really going for Games-as-a-service then? :/

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hunter_alien said:
hollabackenny said:
That’s an insane deal. Holy.

Depending on how many games they actually plan to releases. On one hand I like the idea, and it could help millions to choose the ecosystem provided by MS, on the other hand I am a bit sceptical about this, and it might actually be a prediction of the dire sittuation MS's 1st party schedule might be. Time will tell.

It’s true that their 1st party schedule might be weak right now but if they can follow Netflix, rely heavy on 3rd party games and the odd 1st party game at first then eventually turn it into more 1st party focus (like Netflix did with ‘Netflix originals’) then I think this could be huge. 

They’ve got something good here let’s just hope they don’t screw it up. 

Well they got my sub. And they'll get one from my gf if gamepass works for play anywhere and she can play them on the pc.

d21lewis said:
One more thing about Game Pass--the titles don't stay there forever. The game may be there day one but it could be gone in a month. Then, you can buy it at a discount. If the game is good enough, people will want to own it.

Given this is 1st party content I find that highly unlikely, it would even encourage people to unsubscribe.

I looked up what games have been removed from the service since it launched, all I see is a couple 3rd party games.

Maybe MS will invest less of the Gamepass revenue getting major 3rd party content, because their new 1st party games will push more subscriptions.

Meanwhile Gold subscriptions can still give out major 3rd party games.