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Forums - Website Topics - Poll of the Week Returns!

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long, long, loooong while.. but after a nearly 8 year hiatus, VGChart'z "Poll of the Week" feature is here to make a triumphant return!

The idea itself is straightforward, every week there will be an official poll on the forums that gets display to everyone on the front page, directly under the Hot Topics like so:


Clicking on the poll title will bring you to the GamerConnect thread that the poll was taken from, while clicking on the "Poll of the Week" header above the poll title will bring you to the poll history page:


As you can see, there hasn't been a poll in quite some time, but now thanks to TalonMan's return, we can get this train rolling again! For the time being, there will be three official poll operators: Ryuu96, VGPolyglot, and myself. The three of us will be tasked with coming up with ideas for the weekly polls, but we're all very open to suggestions from you all! If anyone has any suggestions for interesting new polls, feel free to contact us and they might be chosen in a future poll!

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Always a nice feature to have.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I completely forgot those existed. I wonder if my old votes are still there.

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It's been 8 years? Wow, time flies fast. It's great to see how the site is slowly coming back to its former glory.

Btw, I'm one of those 209 that voted for Lost Vikings and I still think that, with today's renaissance of 2D games, making a new entry would be awesome.

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Nice to see this up and running :D

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Good feature .

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Its really nice to see VGC finally getting updated and "remastered"!

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Nautilus said:
Its really nice to see VGC finally getting updated and "remastered"!

That's the real question, is this a total remastering and, if so, is it more similar to HD movie or Blu Ray. Time will tell, next time on Vg ball z.

TalonMan said:
... obviously, I'm going to have to add a "paging index" to that poll history page - it's on my "to-do" list. :)


That's great! Thanks for continually striving to bring the site back to its former glory.