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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Favorite Music from Donkey Kong Country 2?

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Hot Head Bop is quite possibly my favorite song from a game soundtrack ever...
I think Disco Train also deserves some love...

Have a nice day...

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I gotta go with Stickerbush. It might just be my favorite video game song ever — moody, jazzy, plaintive. Wise is just a genius.

Great idea for a thread series!

A top 5 OST in my book, but stickerbush symphony has to be #1, followed closely by Kannons Klaim.

mZuzek said:
leedlelee said:
I think Disco Train also deserves some love...

You're right, it does.

Disco Train is a must listen to me. So yeah, deserves so much more

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No love for the bonus level theme or Swanky's theme? I also really like In A Snowbound Land and the end credits theme.

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Krook's March all the way, no contest.

The bassoon is superb. A masterpiece of dim, deeply shaded, medieval glory.

And Crocodile Cacophony. Epic music for final boss.

All of it, but Stickerbush is the one that always gets stuck in my head.

curl-6 said:
EricFabian said:

Stickerbush Symphony or Mining Melancholy?

Mining Melancholy. Stickerbush Symphony is a nice track but a tad overrated IMHO.

Structurally, it's certainly extremely interesting, so in that aspect, it does deserve to be remembered, I think.

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I would choose "Forest Interlude". David Wise used many tricks on this soundtrack... noone would have ever thought that those kind of sound effects (like delay) would be possible on a SNES...

I like them all. But still Stickerbush Symphony is (unsurprisingly) my favorite.

This game (like the first) is a gem, really.