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agardini51 said:
Isn't avatar just basically a newer and CGI version of Fern Gully?

Not any more than The Avengers is a newer CGI version of Carebears. Or Guardians of the Galaxy is a newer CGI version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

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Does anyone really care about Smurfs Dances with Wolves sequel? The first film was mediocre and was more of a novelty when it came out that has since worn off. Every film has great CGI effects now. We are so used to it, few are impressed anymore.

Why it is taken so long? I mean, do you know James Cameron? He released a bunch of movies on the 80's and early 90's and after that, if he releases a movie you better sit and wait a good 10 years for the next one.

It just takes them a long time to release movies that have CGI years behind Squeenix.

I think he made a mistake in dicking around about filming the sequels. The original cast are notable older/might not be acting anymore. I just hope they are like the first film.

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At this point does it even matter? The first movie was a phenomenon when it came out, but it's been so long that it's fallen out of most people's minds. Seems like a case of too little too late.

I mean I liked the first movie, but it didn't bring much special that made me demand a sequel either.

Maybe because they wrote themselves into a corner with that ending. Probably they don't know what to do.

I did a bit of research, and listened and read a few James Cameron Interviews. There are a few reasons. It is the largest scale pre-production in history, and there are good reasons:

1. He isn't making one film, it's four.
2. They fleshed out the Polyphemus system complete with planets, ecologies, and histories. This began during the making of the first film and continued for years after. Not only new planets and moons: Pandora has also been expanded.
3. They wrote an epic scale story, it took four years. BONUS: Part of the plan is to release the four novels alongside the films. While they had the bullet points before, the full development took from 2013 to 2017.
4. WETA required many upgrades and additions which included new types of motion capture studios required for the production.
5. It's James Cameron, perhaps the most meticulous auteur in the film industry.

That's why it has taken this long.

That was pre-production. As for the production timeline, it's long too, almost a decade;
Early 2016 - Production kickoff. Assuming this is when the major work on set construction began.
Early 2017 - WETA (of Lord of the Rings fame) began work.
Summer 2017 - Filming for Avatar 2 and 3 began.
2019??? - Marketing push for Avatar 2 to begin.
2020 - Avatar 2
2021 - Avatar 3
2024 - Avatar 4
2025 - Avatar 5

In total, the project will be 15 years and will 1 billion US dollars, the most expensive in history.

Will the project be successful? Who knows? Keep in mind Titanic was not expected to be anywhere near successful given its genre and length. Even the production company (Fox) had no faith in a 3-hour historical drama. As budget projections ramped up to 200 million USD (then unprecedented), they made demands to cut the film - they argued a shorter sub 2-hour length would be both cheaper and may attract more repeat viewings. Yet Cameron defied them. First, he offered up his full share of the earnings; they rejected this. He took a more drastic approach and held the film ransom, "you'll have to kill me." were his words. In the end, he got his way. One of the few auteurs that successfully put his unchecked ambition to the screen. It paid off, over twenty years since its release, Titanic remains unconquered at the box office... With the one exception of Avatar.

The group of sequels is on route to be the most ambitious film project taken to fruition in film history. James Cameron's magnum opus.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I assume this movie is one of the reasons Disney is buying fox and they’ll want the second movie out ASAP.



i love xbox 360 said:
I assume this movie is one of the reasons Disney is buying fox and they’ll want the second movie out ASAP.

Oh, I forgot that Disney may end up owning the rights to this franchise now...They're essentially a monopoly these days.