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Forums - Music Discussion - Legendary Irish singer Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) has died today at 46

Great singer. RIP.

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I grew up with The Cranberries' music playing in my café. Dreams, Sunday, Salvation, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Loud and Clear, Linger, Shattered, Just My Imagination, and the list goes on. This news actually strikes me quite a bit.

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foodfather said:
Never understood why that zombie song had so many views.

Yeah same. I never heard of it ever, never brought up in conversation, not on the radio, until I saw it on Youtube last year. Out of all the 90s hits on youtube thats the one ive seen with the most views ... and yet it just sounds meh to me. 


Its very sad to see a person die at 46 though. Especially a talented individual.

I really liked their first album, good friend of mine introduced me to it (she used to listen it constantly back in days), not so much after that.


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Great BAND! I absolutely loved the "Linger" song! "Do you have to, do you have you have to let it linger???"

Seriously, when I got news of this from my brother it actually didn't seem real. I'm like, but she couldn't even be 50. *I checked* Ughhh, 46!!! What the heck happened???

She has some of the most classic 90s songs including Zombie, Linger, Free to Decide, Salvation, and Promises.

Like many singers who emerged in the 1990s, she has suffered.
Bipolar disorder
Childhood abuse (sexual)
Severe body pain (in recent times)
Drug and alcohol abuse
History of suicide attempts

It's difficult to say her cause of death, but she was not healthy looking in the last year. If you caught performances in the last couple of years, you'll have noticed her singing had declined drastically. She also began to look physically frail in the last few years (she had blamed her guitar and jumping around on stage), and while she stopped playing it recently, through 2017 it was almost as though her frailty accelerated. She didn't have the heart she had before. It's sad.

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A sad loss to all of us who grew up in the 90s.

Was just listening to some of her music not too long ago. "Ecstasy' is one of my favorites 

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It is always upsetting when someone dies. But, I find it strange that her death is getting significant attention. She was moderately famous 20 years ago. In fact, I never even knew her name until yesterday - and I owned two Cranberries albums back in the day.