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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch > XB1 > PS4 During December In US - Greenberg (Confirmed, read OP)

Just saw the tweet from Greenberg. Did the Switch win December or what?

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torok said:
I don't get why people are so surprised. While Sony had killed deals for BF, in December they simply increased the priced to normal levels and only packed in a Star Wars cassino game. I just don't understand why, the only reasonable explanations would be either greed or running out of stock due to BF.

Lots of people put XB1 as third, and Switch and PS4 as 1st or 2nd in the NPD Prediction thread. 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Well I'm surprised the XB1 came second. That's a good month for Xbox. Sony won't be too fussed though. They've taken precautions to not see sales dive going into this year.

PS4 being in third really isn't that surprising. It's November deals probably pushed some December sales into November, the XB1 was $199 for quite some time and Microsoft threw in a free copy of PUBG with XB1X purchases for like 2 weeks.

Jranation said:

Lots of people put XB1 as third, and Switch and PS4 as 1st or 2nd in the NPD Prediction thread. 

I also imagine that to be the case. But I'm just saying that a lot of people here seem to think Greenburg is either lying or distorting facts, as if it was impossible. Sony was pretty lazy for December in the US, so it's possible that it happened.

Not that it means doom and gloom to Sony, they are doing great and are up YoY. But it really show that MS had a killer December in the US, so kudos to them.

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Why do MS have to do confusing announcements when it is about their X1 sales?

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good grief, imagine saying over and over you don't care about sales, then celebrating coming second in one month in one country just because you outsold the PS4 there for the first time in over a year


Not too surprising tbh...that’s what a 199,- console, a new console model and especially a console selling timed exclusive (PUBG) can do in a market like the U.S..Worldwide is another story.
Don’t forget MS has won November’s and Decembers before. Nothing has changed.
Sony should’ve kept their 199,- price drop or at least 249,-.

Switch still waiting to fall off that cliff it seems... any day now.

But seriously proud of the Switch getting the top spot in a holiday month in it's first year against such tough competition. Nintendo have outdone themselves with this console. Hope the good success continues all round in the video game market.

If this is true.
Congrats Switch and Xbox.