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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan sales (Week 1): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - January 01-07, 2018

NintendoPie said:
I'm tired of seeing Famitsu's dodgy numbers. It gets me all excited until I realize it's not Media Create.

Same haha. Can't wait until next week when mediacreate will be updating first again. 

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NoCtiS_NoX said:
So Dark Soul remaster is announce for Switch. I am really interested on how it will fare against PS4 version.

At this point, I think the Switch is starting to build up its install base to a point were it can take on PS4 versions of games in Japan. We're already seeing it happen with Xenoverse 2 and Fifa 18.

Big boost for PS4

And Nintendo doing well, very good week

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PS4 Media Create

December 2016 
W1 118,350
W2  92,717
W3  79,348
W4 100,238
January 2017 
W1 83,337
W2 87,169
W3 47,003
W4 33,376

December 2017 
W1 33,407
W2 85,687
W3 62,965
W4 67,257
W5 49,631
January 2018
W1 91,683

I was wondering why the last week of december was weaker than first week of january...
Usually is the oposite.

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First week of December is usually huge for playstation consoles. I don't know why but apparently it's some people call it the playstation week so I don't think it's only the MH effect. We will see next week if the numbers are holding or not.

So Nintendo took away Sonys new year sales?

I just notice that BotW will outsell FFXV in Japan lifetime..

Let that sink in.....

Ill be posting a thread but splat2 outsold dq11 on 3ds lifetime and by a huge margin.

3rd goal next

Super_Boom said:
Nautilus said:
XC 2 at 170k!!!! Over 10k the best selling XC game, and that just a bit over 1 month!

I just want now confirmarion that the game is doing as well in the US.

I was just about to ask this, but you saved me the trouble. Thanks friend.

Hopefully it keeps selling like this for a while, reassuring to see Japan take an interest in this game.

No problem, fellow Xeno lover!

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