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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 1077 Greatest Games - 2017 Edition

Best thread on the site! Leadified, how long did you slave over this? 

Mnementh and I have got to collude next year. We could have put an Etrian Odyssey in the top ten for 3DS games! We both listed Etrian Odyssey titles as our #2 games of all time. I picked EO4 and he picked EO Untold. If either of us had picked the other one's game it would have topped the 3DS list.

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Great job as usual Blue.

I'll find a way to bring Symphonia back to the top 50 this year.

And nice to see Odyssey and BotW high in the list.

Nice, thanks for your work

Symphonia in top 100 which is nice

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Great work! And thanks for hosting the event again, I had a lot of fun with it once again.

And Breath of the Wild, wow, I figured it could do it because a lot of people had it high up, but it really did do it! Amazing for a new entry. Can't say I can complain about the top 4, or even top 20 with such Zelda domination.

Knights of the Old Republic is still way too low though.

Wow, BotW sure skyrocketed! It just released and it's already at the number 1 spot.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I didn't expect A Link Between Worlds to end up so high. Great!

I love how almost all games in the top 20 are Nintendo games.

Nintendo: The Forum.

Amazing thread.

Ok, so my next Switch game will be BOTW. I’ve tired out of pretty much all open world games this gen, hope this breaks the cycle.

Wow, great job!

Lots of Zelda in the top. Can't complain about that!