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Errorist76 said:
vivster said:

What I meant was buy the thing that has actually new games coming out for it after you buy it.

So again both?! I don’t get your logic, sorry.

Well. Then get both and be happy.

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SW Battlefront 2
Dead by Daylight
12 Months PS+

Star Wars 1-6 Blu-Ray Collection
Harry Potter 8 Movie Blu-Ray Collection
Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit 6 movie Blu-Ray Collection

I haven't got a single thing for Christmas in my entire life.

But I don't really mind, I already get enough sweets/money/presents in December.

Gaming Related that came into the household.

2 3DXLs for the kids along with Goosebumps and a Zelda game.
PSN card.
Red Dualshock 4
Kingdoms Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix - PS4
Minecraft Storey Mode 2 - PS4
Watchdogs 2 - PS4
Need for Speed Payback - PS4
Nioh - PS4
Last of the Guardians - PS4 (obviously)
Last of the Guardians Art Book
Horizon Zero Dawn Art Book

vivster said:
Errorist76 said:

So again both?! I don’t get your logic, sorry.

Well. Then get both and be happy.

Problem is then I‘m broke and don’t have money for games left...eheh. Thanks, man..I know you just wanted to help, but I’m just as giddy for Skyrim and Wipeout in VR as I am for Xenoblade C2 and Zelda. 

Guess I need to throw a coin.

Anyone who owns and loves both care to help me with the decision?!

(I’m actually debating to buy the PSVR for the great price, play it for a month and sell it for a profit...Then get the Switch. If I happen to love it so much that I can’t sell it anymore, all is good! =)

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I got a lot of gift cards for best buy and a Sega genesis 2017 flashback console. The console is pretty good. It has some issues, but I like it a lot. Going through sonic 2 and vectorman as we speak. Only issues I have is misleading about 85 games (60 of them are legit so not a big deal), screw on battery cover and no batteries included (really guys), UI is a little strange to navigate through and some technical issues such as sound not being correct sometimes and a little bit of frame drops. Overall a 8/10 console and worth the price. I did get it for free so it's like a 10/10 to me :)


Edit: I'm going to get toejam and earl cartridge so I can use it with the sega genesis flashback console. One cool feature about the console is most cartridges work.

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NinjaguyDan said:

I got a Playstation 4!   I have a damn cool family!
It is the first Playstation I have ever owned.

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The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and a bunch of gift cards/cash.

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I also got an Amazon Echo; so cool! Gift cards and cash as well which I turned into an Oculus Rift and VR games :D


I also got Final Fantasy XV and Nier Automata 

This was a good Christmas lol

Game wise I got south park fractured but whole and cod infinite warfare legacy edition. The rest was clothes, dvds etc. Not a bad haul.
So far I'm having a lot of fun with South park. The game is better than the last few seasons have been.

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