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I gave my two nephews mostly Nintendo stuff.
I picked up the champion amiibos along with Xenoblade 2 for one and for the other I got BOTW, MK8D and
the loot crate widowmaker funko pop.

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Snipperclips Plus and some clothes.

People don't really even try with me, its just Amazon gift cards and some athletic shoes.

When it comes to games I just buy what I want.

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An internal Blu-Ray Drive for my PC, a movie ticket and some cash.

iPhone SE (I don't like the big phones so the SE is what I want), and I requested some EB cards to buy a few Xbox games next year.

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Arsenal FC thermos flask :)

Bride Gias racing seat for drivers+passengers side
Momo Mod 78 wheel
Works Bell Rapfix 2 quick release
set of bronze TE37 wheels with Tires.

About 4kg in weight!

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Nothing game-related... actually I only got a big crafted chocolate panettone from my boss. But, on the other side, I got lots of invitations for Christmas dinners/parties I just couldn´t attend them all.

I´m the old man of my family´s middle generation, so, in the latest years, in every holiday season, I´m the one giving gifts rather than getting them. But that´s ok, because Christmas is always great fun. Of course, most of the gifts I gave were game-related....  everyone knows I´m addicted to gaming so they always tell me  to get them games as gifts.

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