I got a lot of gift cards for best buy and a Sega genesis 2017 flashback console. The console is pretty good. It has some issues, but I like it a lot. Going through sonic 2 and vectorman as we speak. Only issues I have is misleading about 85 games (60 of them are legit so not a big deal), screw on battery cover and no batteries included (really guys), UI is a little strange to navigate through and some technical issues such as sound not being correct sometimes and a little bit of frame drops. Overall a 8/10 console and worth the price. I did get it for free so it's like a 10/10 to me :)


Edit: I'm going to get toejam and earl cartridge so I can use it with the sega genesis flashback console. One cool feature about the console is most cartridges work.

Last edited by Snoopy - on 26 December 2017