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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Metascore Prediction League 2018: Kirby Star Allies @ 74; Roster Updated


Updated 3/15/2018

◦ Minor fixes to release dates for certain games.

◦ Everyone who has made or changed a prediction since the last update has been added to the tables.

◦ Final Metascores for Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology and Bayonetta 2 recorded.

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Coming soon...

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I hated feeling left out last year. I'm sure I could join mid-way through but it didn't feel right, so, yeah. I'm in.

I'm in.

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I'm in too

I'm in

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Sign me up



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Sign me up too.

I'll just throw early predictions in already, though we know little to nothing about many of them.

Kirby: Star Allies - 82
Runner3 - 80
Bayonetta 2 - 91
Bayonetta - 90
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - 80
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux - 80
DKC Tropical Freeze - 88
Hyrule Warriors - 80
Mario Tennis Aces - 85
The World Ends With You: Final Remix - 90