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Forums - General Discussion - Can we find users from all 50 states? - A survey

Hey guys, so I've been reading about American states recently for some reason, and now I'm curious as to how many states we can get from just the users of the site!! Maybe we can even find people from Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the US Virgin Islands too!! In any case, I was born in Michigan and lived there for 4 years, however as I live in Canada nowadays I don't think I should count. Let's see if we can fill it up though!




Arizona: FIT_Gamer, Mr Puggsly, PAOerfulone


California: Gamer147, DarkEnergy, FloatingWaffles, Smartie900, dx11332sega

North Carolina: Ampersand

South Carolina: Axumblade

Colorado: TopCat8

Connecticut: KrspaceTV, A7XRayDog247, N00BYninja25

North Dakota:

South Dakota:


Florida: NintendoPie, LiquorandGunFun, VideoGameAccountant

Georgia: Aeolus451, d21lewis


Idaho: Samsquatch208

Illinois: Rocketjay8, RaptorChrist, SpurgeonRyan

Indiana: Ljink96, Killeryoshis

Iowa: Farsala

Kansas: KoyoteCat

Kentucky: Nymeria



Maryland: Kenjab

Massachusetts: Yerm, Harkins1721

Michigan: Jlauro

Minnesota: Monocle_Layton, yo_john117




Nebraska: TH3-D0S3R


New Hampshire:

New Jersey: RavenXtra, NightDragon83

New Mexico: Shakarak

New York: Insidb, Sabastian, deskpro2k3, Iceland, jason1637

Ohio: hatmoza, StarOcean



Pennsylvania: Rafie, sc94597, Sixteenvolt420

Rhode Island:

Tennessee: NobleTeam360

Texas: UltimateGamer1982, Snoopy, Azuren, Mr.GameCrazy

Utah: SegataSanshiro


Virginia: VAMatt, Ultrashroomz, shikamaru317

West Virginia:

Washington: KBG29

Wisconsin: Roadkillers

Wyoming: Vizigoth04



American Samoa:


Northern Mariana Islands:

Puerto Rico: finalrpgfantasy

U.S. Virgin Islands:

Washington, D.C.:

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I live in America's hellscape, or, as some people like to call it, Florida.

I'm from South Carolina. Born and raised. For better or for worse.

New Jersey here

Illinois. Came back from college in Tennessee.

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Checking in from Minny

NintendoPie said:
I live in America's hellscape, or, as some people like to call it, Florida.

Thought you were gonna say Alabama for a second

Virginia here, DC suburbs.

That's 7 states already!! Surprisingly though some of the most populous ones haven't come up yet like Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.