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Forums - General Discussion - Can we find users from all 50 states? - A survey

Holding down the corn heaven of Nebraska here.

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North Carolina here.

“Some parents let their young kids win at games, but mine never did. I don't think it was because they were particularly competitive, they just wanted to teach me a valuable lesson. Life is mostly just learning how to lose.”

RolStoppable said:



monocle_layton said:

Thought you were gonna say Alabama for a second

I can understand the confusion.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

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Connecticut and proud of it.

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

HomokHarcos said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Why only New England? Old England is best England

England's pretty cool, but it's surrounded by boring places.

The sea?

California here.

Connecticut user here! - "We have great schools.. cause there's nothing else to do."