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    Switch owners, how many 3rd party games do you have? (no Indies)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 December 2017

    Currently own 2 (DOOM and Skyrim), however that's already one more than I owned on the WiiU (ZombiU), so I'd say it's off to a good start....

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    Kimishima hopes to sell over 20M Nintendo Switch units next FY.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 December 2017

    This either means that Smash, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing is coming in 2018 to help fuel those sales....

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    George Lucas Was Right About the Star Wars Fanbase

    in Movies Discussion on 20 December 2017

    I'll be the first to admit that "The Last Jedi" is flawed in a number of ways, but I was overjoyed at the amount of new ground that was broken in the film. It seems that the old adage is right that general audiences don't want anything new of sequels, they just want the same "feeling" the got from the first film to be repackaged.  Literally nothing new was added to Episode 8...

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    Top 5 Things I Disliked About SW:TLJ

    in Movies Discussion on 18 December 2017

    Here's my list of the one thing I didn't like about the Last Jedi: 1. The whole fuckin movie....

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    Can we find users from all 50 states? - A survey

    in General Discussion on 14 December 2017

    Connecticut user here! - "We have great schools.. cause there's nothing else to do."...

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    Nintendo's Evolution from Gamecube to Switch (...was pre-mediated imho)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2017

    This is interesting actually, I didn't notice this yet. OP are you familiar with the blue ocean management strategy? I think you should take some time to read up on it. It's how Nintendo conducted themselves going into the Wii era, and I think it'll help better explain what you were trying to say. I disagree that they knew that this would be the eventual outcome though, I think Nintendo...

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    [RUMOR] NeoGAF Insider's farewell to website is list of news concerning Nintendo - Metroid Direct in January

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017

    Luke888 said: -Little Mac was almost in ARMS. There's a reason he's not. If this is true that'd be sweet, I would love a new Punch-Out!! title. I enjoyed the hell out of the last one for Wii, give it a bit more depth and an online ranking system like Mario Strikers Charged and I'd spend hours on that....

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    Trump's tax proposal: raise taxes on the poor, give to the rich

    in Politics Discussion on 18 October 2017

    revinit said: You shouldn't  believe everything you read on liberal trash websites. Just sayin'. Yeah, not only the stance of the OP's statement but I opened up the first link and right when I saw "Washington Post" I didn't even bother reading anymore....

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    HAHA - Hypocrite Trump Sits Through Military Flag Ceremony After Criticizing Others For Flag Disrespect

    in Politics Discussion on 17 October 2017

    SpokenTruth said: vivster said: And if someone thinks they're being disrespected just because someone is protesting the country they're full of themselves. I mean how much of an egomaniac do you have to be to feel offended when someone protests a something that's wrong in this country. If anything people should be honored that more people are trying to fight to make the country a...

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    Can XB1 Catch Up With PS4 In The US?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 October 2017

    I'm like 95% sure that the Xbox won't be able to catch up, I think even with the boost that the Xbox One X will give it this holiday season it'll still fall short of PS4 sales....

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    Your Top 3 Zelda games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 October 2017

    1. Majora's Mask 2. Ocarina of Time 3. Wind Waker Feels like kind of a basic list but I just thought those were all beyond fantastic...

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    Razer is developing a mobile gaming and entertainment device

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 September 2017

    Ljink96 said: I wonder why gaming devices like Nvidia Shield, Morphus X300, and this never really take off...and the Switch did...hmm... Just saying we've seen and heard this from many companies and it never really works out. Because they're not Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, or a big developer (like Sega or Bethesda or what have you). Simple as that honestly. Not to mention they...

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    130 million switches by 2022?! Virtually impossible.

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2017

    AngryLittleAlchemist said: niceguygameplayer said: Because I'm the voice of reason during the temporary Switch craze. Or it could be because literally your entire existence on this site is to contribute shitty threads that have no value, no interesting speculations, and just serve as a platform for you to call Nintendo kiddie or to say yet another negative thing about the...

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    What happened to "portable games for portable a console"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 September 2017

    Well, I didn't buy Switch for the "console experience on the go" - the Switch is a home console. And I've only used it as such thus far, that's why I bought it. I think the success of the Switch has almost nothing to do with its portability, I just think Nintendo came out with a clean, simple console that has a steady flow of quality titles. Not too hard to figure out....

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    Rate the Nintendo Direct 17/09/13

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2017

    9.5/10 This isn't E3, you shouldn't have been expecting anything more than 1 major announcement, to be fair Nintendo Directs shouldn't have any new announcements to begin with. Nintendo Directs are supposed to serve as the platform for updating the community on games coming to Nintendo's platforms, and that's exactly what it did. - New info on upcoming games? Check. (Odyssey, Fire Emblem...

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    Flashback: Console War in 2005

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 August 2017

    The 7th gen console wars were epic. Looking back on it now I almost kind of miss it. Here's a bit of nostalgia for those who remember some of the other internet worthy releases to come from it. PS3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R98qC0fd_1w Xbox360 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzIAYszH_X4 Wii - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrjQ7joYHi0...

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    Punch-out wii My first time!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 August 2017

    Honestly I was surprised they didn't try to make ARMS a Punch-Out!! related spinoff, I think the sales would've been much as a result of brand awareness, plus I love the Punch-Out!! games and Little Mac and Doc Louis as characters. But yeah, just wait until you have to face the later bosses, like another user said, things get very interesting later on. I don't wanna spoil anything but this game...

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    The love of knowledge: my lust for all-things gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2017

    I agree completely, sometimes I find that I'm more in love with reading about the gaming industry than actually playing the games. And as far as games you should check out? The only one I can recommend is Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Because it's my favorite game of all time, and while it's not that unknown of a game it's certainly a title that has slipped under the radar of some avid...

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    Strikers 1945 is 42% Off on Nintendo Switch Japan eShop

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2017

    AltarofKez said: A7XRayDog247 said: Saw strikers and immediately thought Mario Strikers, color me disappointed Same, I was hoping for a football game set in a Mushroom Kingdom absolutely ravaged by World War II. Idk if you ever played Mario Strikers Charged but some of the stages made it feel like it was in post-WW2...

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    Strikers 1945 is 42% Off on Nintendo Switch Japan eShop

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2017

    Saw strikers and immediately thought Mario Strikers, color me disappointed...

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