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Forums - Sony Discussion - Dreams Live! and coming in 2018, TGA 2017 New Trailer

Well finally some update.

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twintail said: 

Obviously monetisation will be an interesting point for this game but I doubt ppl are going to pay for creations from other ppl tbqh. I think the creation stuff stays free but you possibly need ps+ to access it

I think if they allow people to sell their content, it would be much like any other form of open creation. Some people would create things that hit big, and the rest make little to nothing. Popular creators would get a following and be able to build a steady income.

Whether they do his is still to be determined. 

One thing that is nearly certain is Sony, and large publishers and developers offering paid dlc in some form. If they don't, I ould be extremely shocked.

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Is this similar to Project Spark?

Looks amazing, can't wait to see the levels the great Media Molecule community will create again!

okr said:
Is this similar to Project Spark?

Or LBP...In essence but much more flexible and creative. It can be used with the Move controllers. There are some amazing demos on their Youtube channel from a while ago.