Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD Hardware Battle Royale! X1 vs NSW vs PS4 [Who Gets 1st/2nd/3rd]


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X launched, Switch stock seems to be better in the States than it has been.. PS4 is still PS4.. hmmm

Switch>XB>PS4, though I am probably wrong.

This is honestly the hardest one to predict so far for me this year... I have no idea! I’m telling myself switch will be last so that I don’t get disappointed if it does. But for the purpose of this I’m gonna say... PS4>switch>XB1


PS4 or XB1 depending of PS4 stocks, basically. Switch third.

PS4 is killing everything currently at 199$ in US, but Sony's stocks of this 1TB model aren't infinite. This was the month of the new xbox console so there are months of pre-orders that'll show on November NPD. I don't think Microsoft will have XB1 or XBX stock problems. They'll try to sell all their previously unsold XB1 consoles, all SKUs...

Switch won't have enough stock and it's the most expensive console of the 3 anyways so it will be third.

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I'm not afraid to be wrong. Here goes.


PS4: Killer BF deal that lasts a great chunk of the month/Various bundles
XB1: Bargain Basement BF deals + Plus the XbonX release
Switch: Probable stock issues + No BF deals could lose them the win. Console still selling strong on its own

Going to borrow this chart from Shadow1980.

Nintendo Switch (neon): #9 (↑2)
Nintendo Switch (grey): #12 (↑5)
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #13 (↑45)
Xbox One X (Scorpio Edition): #20 (↓10)
Xbox One X: #22 (↓7)
SNES Classic Edition: #27 (↓2)
XBO S Battlefield 1 bundle: #41 (↑9)
PS4 Slim 1TB CoD:WW2 bundle: #50 (↓12)
XBO S 500GB standalone: #59 (↓8)
PS4 Slim 1TB Battlefront II bundle: #63 (↑18)
PS4 Pro: #78 (↑1)
New 2DS XL (Pokeball edition): #82 (—)
New 2DS XL (Black & Turquoise): #92 (↓3)

And here's the update to the yearly rankings:

Nintendo Switch (grey): #7 (—)
PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle: #15 (—)
Nintendo Switch (neon): #17 (—)
SNES Classic Edition: #50 (↓1)
Xbox One X (Scorpio Edition): #52 (↓2)
PS4 Pro: #81 (—)
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #98 (new entry)

So based on that.. not XB. Probably Switch -> PS4 -> XB1.
Two Switches > one ps4. Even if the ps4 passes the switches monthly.

Small chance of the ps4 passing Switch with crazy Black friday sales since Switch won't be discounting at the same time.

Willing to change my guess if on black Friday they discount the Special edition of the X1X.

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I still think PS4 will win this!
2nd: XB1
3rd: Switch

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As crazy as it may seem the correct answer is in this list. You have a 16% chance of choosing the right answer.

The xbox one X is the hyped new toy (at least for now) so.....