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Wow... I expected something around 300-400k, excellent numbers for Nintendo.

Super Mario Odyssey sold 511,625 copies during its first three days of release in Japan, according to the latest Famitsu numbers.

The numbers include both download card and Switch Super Mario Odyssey hardware bundles, but do not include download sales.

Super Mario Odyssey is the second-highest selling launch for Switch following Splatoon 2, which sold 670,955 copies within its first three days of release in Japan when it launched in July.

Switch hardware sales for the week were 133,000 units, which is nearly 5.6 times the 24,000 units sold the previous week. Super Mario Odyssey undoubtedly played a role in this boost.

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Odyssey sold two million units worldwide within its first three days of release.

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jesus, I expected 250k lol

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Not bad. Not bad at all. That means SMO has played the biggest bump in sales since the Switch's release although I wonder if that's all they shipped to Japan? Either way, 20% of SMO sales likely were with everyone of those switch sales which is good regardless.

I was guessing around 300-350. Switch is most definitely going to move big numbers in the future.

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Holy Fuck!!!
I was expecting 450k.........

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Damn, I was expected 350k for SMO, I am glad I was wrong. :)
At least I almost hit Switch numbers, I said 135k. :)

With those numbers Switch officially hited 2m in Japan.

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Yes Mario. I expected somewhat less, but this is impressive.

Jesus Christ-kun.

Way above my prediction numbers.


Wait a minute... That's MORE than Splatoon 2 right?

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That's some insane COMG ratio. It shows that Switch audience is more 1st party-oriented than ever.