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How Many Male Gamers Choose To Play As A Female

Male 280 36.75%
Female 322 42.26%
Show me the results 160 21.00%

Last game I played with that option was digimon Cyber Sleuth. I chose the girl since I thought the design was better and looked better overall

I usually pick guys in games like Dragon age since I try to make myself in the character creator, but I have no problem using women

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I usually play as male in my RPG's but if I have no choice to play as a female MC, then I don't mind ... unless she's portraying the worst female clichés ever !

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In games where you can build your character from the ground up, I'll choose male every time because it's easier for me to play the character as if it's me. I have no problems playing female characters like Lara, Ellie or Aloy though because you're playing the game as them and seeing things from their perspective. It's a part of the story.

I switch it up. Most times I play as a male character though.

I'm old fashioned, I choose my own gender to be my player.

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Lawlight said:
I usually play as the default character or the best looking character. Gender does not make me like a game more personally but to each his own.

Animations go into it sometimes as well, but usually I do the same.

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Horrible poll, because the answer really depends. I have no trouble playing a female character and I tend to do it quite a bit, but I also like playing a male character. It depends on the kind of character I'm creating (if it's up to me), and possibly what I'd like at the moment.

I almost always pick girls. I don't really consider the characters to be avatars for myself anyway and if given a choice in games or real life, I'll choose the company of women over men any day.

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I never play as a male when given multiple choice.