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SubiyaCryolite said:

I wont lie, I've hated NeoGAF ever since I got permabanned.

Apparently I was being "racist towards blacks" despite being a black African myself.

It was after that Oscars So White fiasco and I was suggesting that black America focus on strengthening their own studios, production houses and distribution companies to create a profitable niche akin to Bollywood and Nollywood.

That way black actors don't need to care and/or need recognition from the Oscars if they truly are as biased as was claimed

Apparently, I was advocating for "segregation" and suffered from "self-hate".

Once I was banned (and couldn't defend myself) posters made jokes about me wanting to apply to the KKK and the like.

SJW is a childish and divisive term. That said NeoGAF was full of over the top, ultra-left psychopaths. I have very little sympathy for those guys.

I just hope something good comes out of all of this.

It was great because of its active user-base and diverse topics/threads

That sums up NeoGAF in one sentence XD

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Still waiting for his supposed statement.

I really hope the site isn't gone. He should give ownership to someone else. Gaf is the best place for keeping up with gaming news and discussions. The official threads are one of the best things on there.

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RavenXtra said:

I could kiss you


As for NeoGaf.. I suspect Evilore took the site down himself because he can't seem to handle any sort of criticism. These accusations are nothing new and every time it was ever brought up, a sweep of thread deletions and user bans followed. Now, due to the current climate of discussion on the issue, it can no longer be ignored/tolerated thankfully. It's a shame that the owner is just too selfish to allow others to continue enjoying a service while he deals with issues that he's brought upon himself.

The site was getting hammered last night and was up and down constantly. When it was up since it had no mods so all the dickheads decided it was their moment to show what a bunch of dickheads they really are and started making hundreds of topics about stupid shit. From straight up racist N word in the title topics to porn topics.

He probably decided was best to just leave it down until could sort new mods rather than let it continue.


barneystinson69 said:
Captain_Yuri said:

I believe that's their new site if it hasnt been posted already.

And its gone! 

It's already gone? It hasn't been a full day yet >_<

Evilord had it coming to be sincere, he was a dictator

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SubiyaCryolite said:

Apparently I was being "racist towards blacks" despite being a black African myself.

Yeah I always had to keep the political stuff to myself unless I was parroting everyone else there. I enjoyed movie and game discussion there though. I actually had a Dragon Ball Super English Dub thread and maintained it but I guess I can start one here if anyone is interested. Probably should get more involved in the off topic stuff here anyway as you guys seem to think a lot more independently.

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Is there any actual proof he did this or is the entire thing based on speculation from that statement?

One step closer to a Neogaf presidency.

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
John2290 said:

Why does he seem so defensive? He's usually on the offence and why does he imply a vested interest in the site?

Yeah what the fuck ... he sounded like he was on the verge of tears ...

He's probably a NeoGaf fan?

That isn't it at all. If you check the comments, he knows someone that was victimized. So he was having a hard time holding it together. He usually has a more business like attitude in his videos. This was situation clearly struck a cord with him.