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Anyone following this? Apparently Evilore has been accused of sexual assault (it's not the first time). All mods but one have resigned. Is this the end of GAF?

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Yeah, GAF is completely imploding right now

Yea I am kinda following it. Funny af but I doubt it's the end of gaf...


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Good. GAF sucks anyway

StarOcean said:
Good. GAF sucks anyway

Nailed it. Especially the non-gaming side.

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Does that mean will be the n.1 video game forum by defacto ?

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Yeah, gaf isn't in too good of shape right now, thats for sure. But the site isn't doomed. It'll always have its loyal base that lives behind the thought that they've made it in life since there a member of the one and only Gaf.


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I wonder if this means we'll get an influx of new users.

Yeah, Im reading about it now.All mods quit?How many they had?

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Mar1217 said:
Does that mean will be the n.1 video game forum by defacto ?

Surely Gamefaqs is much bigger. And IGN. Probably more.