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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Odyssey Musical commercial is awesome!

Really love the song.

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Bring back jazz!

PEEPer0nni said:
Wow that's a great commercial. I wonder if Sony will do this for God of War or Spiderman.

Would broadway dancing Kratos alienate the target demographic, or no?

Lol that was alright actually. Wonder whonplayed pauline

Really nice commercial. Reminds me a bit of the old "A Link to the Past" one.

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Yup, relly nice comercial.

This is freakin' awesome. I didn't want to be on the hype train, but I was conducting it

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Hype level is off-charts

Mario looks box office for the first time. Nintendo finally get it

Song might get stale, if they just keep using it over and over again.

RolStoppable said:

There are girls in the commercial. And when I say girls, I mean girls. Not women.

There's two girls and a boy. Target audience change from young adults to children?

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