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so.. Zackblue is coming back? :P

Soriku (Feb 10/08): In 5 years the PS3/360 will be dead.

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We will miss you Leo-j





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goodbye leo-j

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ok Iam Sorry gamestops biased you dont have to leave cause some one disagreed with you!

Just kidding see ya!

This isn't my fault. I feel in our discussions today, Leo-J and myself handled our differences with professionalism.

With that said, good luck sir. I, as always, will miss any opposing viewpoints.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


west-phoenix-az said:


YEAH...see you in the weekend when you decide to come back :)

Sorry for your departure j/K *make a party*

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