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    Well Red Mage

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 January 2018

    It’s a good watch trying guess what game they’re talking about!...

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    Well Red Mage

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 January 2018

    a few gamer buddies of mine have a review site and do some YouTube videos!   If your interested take a look thanks....

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    Would you pay $1000 for a 100 hour game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2015

    No my wife would kill me if I dropped a grand on one game! I got over 400 hours on destiny for $90.00,but if a game gets horrible rating no matter how much hype I 'll rent it or but it used. ...

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    if the wiiu aaa port turned out to be DESTINY what would u think

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2015

    I have it on the xbox1 and it's got me grinding like a dog every time I'm gonna play another game I get a new weapon to upgrade and running thru crota and the vault with 5 buddies pretty awesome! Evolve sits in its box ssbb wii sits in the box. I know I should stop playing I cant. So no you guys don't want it it's a time sucker and repeatedly numbs the brain. But I just got 4 new awesome...

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    PS4's Early Sales Lead Might Be All Smoke and Mirrors

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 September 2014

    I like in the end he say's these are just observation that one' able to make, and oppinion seriously though if MS hadnt bundled kinect and put less hardware in the box and kicked gamers in the balls only to do a 360 turn, they might be doing better, they pissed thier fan base off and thats why sales are lacking. ...

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    Sony vs Microsoft double standards?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 September 2014

    Its irrelevant everyone buying the game on xbox knows it multi plat everyone buying on sony knows it mulit plat, anyone butt hurt about MS hate's them and bashes at any chance they can get. Who cares because they one gaming superiority with the most sold consoles, as though they gained 3 inches of stature from a console. Enjoy your games people, you didn't win a Super Bowl. ...

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    Are the PS4 versions of multiplats really better??

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2014

    jnemesh said: taggartaa said: jnemesh said: taggartaa said: dangerguy said: Danman27 said:   I know. I'm tired of this defense of the xbox one. Just because you can't tell the difference (which I really find hard to believe honestly) doesn't make it not better. It's because fans of xbox don't want to acknowledge that they are buying...

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    Are the PS4 versions of multiplats really better??

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2014

    COD Ghost looked better on PS4 than anywhere besides a high end  PC, Other than that if your not a graphics whore the gameplay is the same and theres not that big of difference. It all comes down to exclusives where are yours? I can afford all 3 next gen platforms so I do just that play what I want when i want!  ...

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    Is Destiny overhyped like Titanfall??

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2014

    Its better have more of story than the beta, I actually loved Titanfall I think it was different from alot of the experiences we currently see in the shooter market. I did play windwaker hd and that was awesome, I loved TLOU ps3 and the 2 hour extra content but the gameplay wasnt as good as the story, I would play TLOU 2 but I would have a hard time replaying a bumped up version so soon. I...

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    PlayStation created the Industry, Xbox changed the playing field

    in Sony Discussion on 13 July 2014

    I built PC's for years consoles were for fun experience's but the PC had the mouse and keyboard and shooters, Half life, When Halo released on xbox  it brought PC gamers over the shooter can be said to have had as big an impact on console, PC sales, Look at N64 and goldeneye people still talk about 4 player splitscreen! I think MS doing that with Halo and having 4 consoles 16 controllers LAN...

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    I have had enough with your best claims and sales...

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2014

    Snoorlax said:It doesn't matter how much consoles sell because PC will always outnumber them. PC out numbering them as gaming rigs sold, or work stations? I built a gaming rig 3 or 4 years ago its like my wii it doesnt get much use! Crysis, Halo2. ...

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    I have had enough with your best claims and sales...

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2014

    This year Titanfall unlocked all but 3 achievements and got to rank 10 never prestiged before on any COD game! But now I'm playing windwaker on my new wii U  Never played this zelda game beat OOT, TP, SS. didnt play MM either. So far this game is great! ...

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    Microsoft seems to be forcing developers to downgrade the ps4 visuals to match xbox one games through parity clause.

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2014

    Total flame guy should be banned for a flame troll thread MS never asked for parity Sledghammer game said they were aiming for it!  To many games already optimized for PS4 with better visuals PS4 already got a great lead why the flame are people that scared the chiefs collections gonna dethrone PS4? botcott the game and the developer! or show actual proof MS requested parity? This place...

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    ps4 9 million units sold?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2014

    MS store sells direct how does vgchartz track that???? Sony does to, do they provide vgchartz with sales data? My son and I both got xbox 1 day 1 from ...

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    How exactly am i supposed to get my free game with the MK8 bundle?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2014

    Ok not to jack the thread I got the Wii U Zelda edition yesterday and got mario kart separately. Created club nintendo account registered everything got 360 coins! I see what I can get a kirby game or mario party 2. How often do they change games and is there a way to know whats coming??????? I'm afraid I'll get something now and something better will be available next month! Doah! ...

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    Smash Fest @ Best Buy Today & Saturday! <(^_^<)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2014

    I would go but they're all so far away...

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    Am I The Only One That Doesn't Like Splatoon?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2014

    I Just saw it on the Nintendo E3 digital, And I like it Splatoon. ...

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    Halo Master Chief Collection v The Last of Us Remastered.

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2014

    Personally I loved TLOU, cant wait for part 2 not really intrested in replaying it already though, Halo all games on my xbox1 I'm geeked about. Maybe when the TLOU 2 comes out I would buy 1 to rerun through it. But ya this gives me a reason to bury my 360 and move on for sure....

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    The boy who stole Half-Life 2 From the archive: the story behind the $250m robbery.

    in PC Discussion on 30 May 2014

    Good stuff....

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    Should I sell my PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 05 May 2014

    My original 60 gig launch PS3 bit the dust YLOD wont be replacing to busy on my xbox1 and PS4. ...

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