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Forums - Website Topics - Goodbye vgchartz

Didn't you already say this before? In the spanish thread you said you'll leave as soon as you become a God and that was back when you only needed 5000 posts to be a God.

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whoa, this was all of a sudden

WTF leo j you can't leave Vgchartz it is like your home,Leo j don't leave kid.

PS:If leo j leaves I will leave too until may,since I have exams at school and I'm suppose to be studing instead of being here.

bye everybody.

have fun in the real world. it is scary trust me on that.

"Like you know"

later dewd

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Teenage hormones?

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It's so tragic...

I have a feeling of de ja vu, I swear you have announced your departure before leo... perhaps I am thinking of someone else.

Anyhow good luck and all, although your reason for leaving isn't very convincing.
Will ZackBlue be back instead?

I can hardly contain my indifference.

"It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever." - Spinal Tap

so.. Zackblue is coming back? :P

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