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Have RPGs lost their magic?

Yes. 70 36.65%
No. 89 46.60%
See results. 32 16.75%
Lafiel said:

yea todays action JRPGs are not my cup of tea either, endlessly spamming your combo while the AI handles 3+ other chars is like the anti-thesis of fun to me and it's very disappointing FF went way towards that direction - I want to control every action and win battles using strategy

I see this exaggeration way too often. There are spammy action RPGs but a good one has multiple abilities and techniques to master. Parrying, blocking, counter attacks, dodges, positioning. Granted, turn based is inherently more strategic but any competent game won't allow you to smash the attack button to every victory. FFXV could have made it a bit more challenging but there are defensive tactics you need to learn in order to succeed. The only turn based RPGs i enjoy are actual strategy based ones like Wasteland 2 and Divinity Original sin, not the likes of pokemon.

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Do yourself a favor and buy a 3DS and a Vita, that´s where all the awesome RPGs are :)

Check out I Am Setsuna on Switch and PS4? It's getting a follow up game (not a sequel) called Lost Sphear. Very old-school.

Nem said:

Ok, i know what i mean, and i agree, but those games haven't vanished yet.

The legend of heroes Trails of cold steel is something you will enjoy if you haven't played. The pesona games are the same. I think the menu is a bit different but persona 5 is still turn based.

niceguygameplayer said:

It sounds anti Christian. I am a Christian. Maybe the name is misleading?

At one point i think i understand you, but then you post this nonsense.

Have you ever heard about anyone making an anti-christian game? If you aren't willing to deal with religious themes, then maybe it isn't the genre for you anymore, indeed. These things were aproached in games like FFT, Grandia 2 and Xenogears, corner stones of the genre. 

Well... you will still be fine with legend of heroes. But do keep in mind that games are games, and thus not the real world. I won't defend religion though, i think it's humanities cancer and complete fantasy aswell, but it's irrelevant to enjoying the story of a virtual world.

Thank you for saying this. Calling a game "Divinity" is anti-christian? Please. You feel so attacked? Try being an atheist. I can't even let my grandmother or employers know what my beliefs are. Don't go reading offense into everything and then say you feel "attacked." My wife was in a bookstore once and picked up a book on Darwin and a nearby Christian said loudly to his wife: "I hate atheists! They always have to ram their beliefs down your throat!" Seriously? Who was loudly bitching about whom? So I don't feel any need to coddle. I found the idea that one needs to be "on guard" for anti-christian sentiment in a game because it was called "divinity: original sin" childish, privileged, tone-deaf, and basically ridiculous. It'd be funny if it weren't so upsetting.

Ah, you are simply playing the wrong games it would seem. There's plenty of good stuff already mentioned in this thread, eg Bravery Default, Persona 5, and others.

If WRPG's were my measuring stick like they somewhat are for you, I'd be disappointed as well.

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Bravely Default and Bravely Second are basically 8 bit Final Fantasy games on 6th gen hardware. Random encounters, turn based battles, saving the world by restoring crystals, and a job system straight out of FF3 and FF5.

If you want these type of games, then buy them...

I have no problem shelling out $60 day 1 for some of my favorite Turn Based JRPGs. Just because they became less mainstream, doesn't mean it has to for you.

Those type of games are still being made in Japan and by indie devs. You can still get them if you really want to but you have to learn Japanese for it.

I like old school JRPGs and JRPGs of today along with western RPGs. Eventually, I plan on buying a bunch of the ones I never played when I was younger but alot of it is expensive. The modern RPGs are a lot more immersive/believable and I play games in general to experience that world or universe. The deeper down the rabbit hole I am, the more I like it.

You have no clue what a RPG is. JRPG is not RPG, it's a genre based on D&D, but with no actual D&D elements on it. The RPG part of JRPG is a loose appropriation. I cannot think of a single JRPG that has roleplay. True RPGs are Baldur's Gate, Fallout 2 and Witcher 3.

The thing is, JRPG as a genre, never really evolved. There's no random encounters and turn-based combat in some games anymore, but the rest is all the same. Atlus is the best one with SMT and Persona, but there's barely any difference between those games and what Enix did so many years ago, they're still badly written. The rest of the industry, on the other hand, evolved heavily, the difference between Planescate: Torment and The Witcher 3 is huge, even though both of those games share a lot of the same elements. JRPG is a genre fated to be niche, unless the developers take it to another level. That's why you don't like JRPGs anymore, that's a tired genre that had it's time, but it's struggling to stay alive. Or maybe you just want the old JRPGs, with less western influence, and if that's the case, there's still tons of them on the 3DS and PS Vita, pretty much the same games as before, but with new graphics.

Rem87919394 said:
With open world rpgs like Skyrim, Fallout, etc. Jrpgs just can't complete. They'll sell well in Japan but outside of Japan they don't anymore. The lineal paths and lack of choices have hurt jrpgs

Thats just not true.Nier Automata, Nioh, Dark Souls and many more had and has excellent sales in the west, and they are all JRPGs.Now, if you mean turn based RPGs, there are FE, Pokemon, Persona, DQ(of which I have a very good feeling that XI will do very well on the west) Bravely Default and many other smaller and bigger franchises finds succeesses in the west.You dont need to sell millions upon millions to be considered a succeess.

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