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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Nintendo demonstrate it does care about its customers?

I'm not complaining because I always saw the SNES mini as a limited supply item aimed towards filling out the holiday season because the Switch install base isn't at a point yet where it could carry the financial load for Nintendo. They don't want the majority of you to buy a SNES mini; they want you to buy a Switch and then buy those games on their virtual console when it's finally up.

Maybe they should have just upped the price to $100 to lower demand.

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I really wish Nintendo would give me the satisfaction of knowing the scalpers lost their money.

morenoingrato said:
I really wish Nintendo would give me the satisfaction of knowing the scalpers lost their money.

Easy. You just need consummers to not buy them. Seriously, it just shows how weak-willed people are when it comes to this.

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meh werent they always meant to be limited time releases?..not that serious honestly but I understand people on the internet like to blow things out of proportion

Well, it's not off to a great start.

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im gonna point fingers at everyone's favorite game retailer-

Gamestop, instead of opening preorders, immediately listed the SNES Classic as being sold out and is using ThinkGeek to sell a majority of their supply in bundles- basically their own version of scalping.

so no, stop being mad at Nintendo, because I really do believe that they are trying their hardest to keep up with the demand for both the Switch and the SNES Classic, but other retailers are the true culprits for nobody being able to find one.

Nintendo, just like all companies, only cares about themselves

I think the SNES issue was going to happen, a time limited launch like the Classic NES and the success of $$ given to scalpers where systems go for over $200, along with its the company that is putting them up for preorders issue (BB, Gamestop, etc.) that is letting out preorders in some cases without restrictions, rather than Nintendo's issue. 

No matter the amount that was released during the launch. Scalpers will buy as much as they possibly can in order to make huge profits. I seen screenshots of people boasting of orders for 100+ for the SNES classic on Amazon when preorders went up (look at Wario64's twitter when he announced preorders were up and scroll through some of the comments). It's that crazy. People were releasing scripts that would run and auto buy it from Walmart when it went up. If Nintendo released 2m at launch, Scalpers would buy 2m if they could just to resell it on eBay, etc. If Nintendo was somehow able to release 10m at launch, then the 10m preorders would still be out because of scalpers wanting to make as much $$ as possible.

I was lucky enough to be able to get in a preorder through Best Buy when it went up. They did the correct thing and cancelled all orders for people that went over 2-3 SNES classics total.

NES Classic was always a limited product and this was pointed out allready at the revealing of the system.

Nintendo has made a lot of good and strange decisions over the years but this isn't one of them. This was a limited product with the intention of being limited.

Stop acting like an entitled child.

Those of you defending NES Classic are just sad.

Yes, Nintendo said it never intended to be a long-term product. However, that ignores the lack of pre-order functionality to determine overall demand as well as capitalistic mind-set to build a steady supply until sales slowed leaving the company in a far better financial footing.

Then there are those of you pushing blame on to retailers vs Nintendo for SNES Classic thus far.

Gamestop's forced bundles aside, retailers are limited to what Nintendo allocates and knowing how Amazon and other retailers websites crashed when they attempted to last notify ahead of time of date/time starts to pre-orders, it makes sense that like any other product they put up, they do so in low-volume time frames without notice.

Facts are that you can let the initial launch of NES Classic slide a bit, but not the failure to build enough over long-term. You also cannot let any lack of supply happen for SNES Classic. There are too many proven data points this time around for Nintendo to allow a repeat of this shitty customer support.

Plan to launch with 5MM. Announce that up front so people know what's coming. That initial order is more than enough to reduce cost per unit sold, lower risk in case that is over the demand of consumers (I'm sure it isn't), and put a dent in any margins available to scalpers. (btw, I'm not against the idea of buying/reselling. If people are willing to pay $200 for an $80 item, that's their money)