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First, I'm thankful for the attention you gave to the VGC community by posting (and risking yourself at the same occasion) these numbers.

2. I hope Ethomaz get a good dose of bad karma back.

3. NPD Goons are comin' for ya !!

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- Numbers get posted on a public forum. then users of this site get upset that the numbers are posted in public


- Members on this site lurked neogaf for years taking their numbers. Many users on this site criticized aqua because she didnt want the numbers posted on gaf to be posted on VGC, and criticizing neogaf for acting like elitist. some users try to pull the same bullshit on this site now, and people get upset the numbers are posted on Gaf, all while acting like the "elitists" that they so bravely condemned just months before


- a user on here claim to not want to fuck with NPD's business, then proceed to leak their private numbers, right after he claimed he didnt want to share the numbers. then gets upset that people posted the numbers he so blatantly LEAKED. let me repeat the irony here, he LEAKS numbers, and gets upset and bitches about people giving him the "middle finger" for posting the numbers. 


The Hypocrisy and elitism in this thread is mind boggling, yet not truly suprising. The criticism NPD, Sony, and MS recieved in the past for hiding numbers is countless, yet here we have what seems to be a collective hivemind trying to do something oh so damn similar. Hypocrisy. Hypcrisy. Hypocrisy.


and for the user who is clearly here for attention. you claim future participation on this forum depends on how you are treated., then go tell members to tell ethomaz off. do you not see the irony and hypocrisy in that?

Gaf is showcasing equal hypocrisy and elitism. They treated this community horribly for years for our actions and then when the tables flip they just go and break their "ethics"


1. If the Wii U sells closer to 10 million LTD by 1/3/2015 I win. If it sells closer to 9.5 million LTD by 1/3/2015 OfficerRaichu15 wins (winner gets 2 weeks of avatar control)--Lost.

TechnoHobbit said:
Gaf is showcasing equal hypocrisy and elitism. They treated this community horribly for years for our actions and then when the tables flip they just go and break their "ethics"

then by all means, go ahead and tell them that. im not a member on that site nor do i plan to be. but i am glad you agree with me that this site is showing massive amounts of hypocrisy and elitism. 

VGPolyglot said:
Kerotan said:
Ethomaz is a Vgchartz cult hero. Many loved him and some hated him. He is a legend. It's unfortunate he has upset our leaker but it's not like he owes us anything. It's too be expected.

More like a cult villain than cult hero


Cult hero to some cult villain to others. He certainly left his mark on this site before he willingly moved on.

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Not surprising etho would pull a scumbag move like that.

librarian13579 said:

Hi NeoGAF,

The purpose of keeping today's leaks OFF NeoGAF and only NeoGAF is because NeoGAF has literally 2+ NPD employees who post in your NPD threads on a regular basis.

By posting leaks there, you just increased the chances 500% that David Riley will swoop down and silence me before next month begins. Great job, guys!

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Sadly a lot of the guys on Gaf are elitists. If they can't house the leaker, no one will.

This thread is a mess but not in the same way as the Mediacreate thread nnnnnn
Anyway, good Switch and PS4 sales, I guess Switch would have sold way more if Nintendo had shipped more consoles. Not sure if I should consider Splaton sales good or bad, definitely nowhere as big as in Japan.

Sales are ok, I don't think sub-250k hardware sales a month in the US market is anything necessarily to throw a party over, but they're ok.

I remember a time when the leakers at GAF (I think it was Aqua and Cream?) didn't want their numbers reposted here on VGCZ. But if I remember correctly, it was our understanding that the reasoning for that was not a safety concern, but because they didn't like this site, or something like that? Or am I remembering wrong, and it was due to safety concerns?