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Are you glad Republicans can't pass shit?

Yes 200 72.20%
No 39 14.08%
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Which could be considered a good thing by most people.  I don't think I've ever seen something so pathetic as them trying to repeal and replace the ACA.  Their replacement plans are so toxic that they can't even come together as a party to pass anything healthcare related.

So where do they go from here?  Pass a massive infrastructure bill which is the only thing Democrats would probably jump on board with unless a bunch of bullshit is piled onto the bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure spending (like taking money away from planned parenthood which they always try). 

What I don't get is how can you have a massive infrastructure bill and then try to have tax cut for mainly the rich while somehow not running up huge deficits.  I know how they justify it with bogus bullshit projections of the economy taking off which I believe the Bush Jr. tax cuts provided a small short term bump but after a couple years it didn't do shit for the economy.  So they use bullshit math projections on the budget stating the economy is going to grow at what (above 3% yeah right...) to justify their tax cuts. 

I'd like to see them take the hard road and go for tax "reform" first after the failed attempt of doing anything with our shitty healthcare system.

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They've been critisising Obamacare so much, but now they aren't able to come up with a good alternative themselves. Some of them now use their brains and realise that they can't just get rid of it, while others (Trump and friends) only think about their reputation.

It seems politicians are the most inept people at their profession. No other profession I can think of fails worst or is as consistently incapable of their job as politicians.

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Overall, the republicans on capitol hill are some of the most incompetent politicians of all time. When John Boehner was speaker, he famously said: "it's important that we republicans say what we are for, and we are for the repeal of Obamacare". This perfectly describes how they cannot PRODUCE anything but opposition to things.

Let's be honest. Their "healthcare" plan is not about healthcare, but mainly a massive tax cut for the most wealthy, throwing 22m+ people off health insurance in the process.

People are starting to wise up about these things more and more, which is why it had an approval rating as low as 12%.

Now, because they failed to pass it, they're going to have to sneak that tax cut into their infrastructure bill instead. Which already was supposed to have tax cuts in it, so it's only going to look a lot worse now.

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Imo the US System does not work well at all.

Didnt it take like 2 years to pass obamacare on its own with democratic majorities?

The republicans are great at obstructing the country and making sure no progress is made, and then when they are in power they are just horrible so terrible at their jobs they can't get anything done.

Yes politicians can often be terrible at their job (especially republicans) because unlike every other job where you have to actually be qualified to work that job as a politician you just need to get people to vote for you. And the republicans in particular are these days of a mindset of anti-intellectualism means they vote for stupid people. Trump is the perfect and ultimate example, a guy who would have never even gotten an interview for the job if there were a normal hiring process for president, lied a bunch and played on conservatives' fears and anger and hatred and bigotry and ignorance to get elected. Now he's the worst in history by a long shot and again, if this were a normal job, he would have been fired in the first month. Instead we are stuck with him for either four years or if we get lucky and republicans grow some balls or some decency (not likely) to actually defend the country against him and remove him from office.

It's amazing in 7 years of crying and whining about Obamacare that the republicans never spent anytime actually trying to come up with another plan. They voted constantly in symbolic votes to repeal obamacare, and then when they suddenly surprisingly find themselves with the white house they start trying to come up with a plan and their every attempt is an absolute disaster.

And of course they are gonna increase the deficits with an infrastructure bill while also having tax cuts, if there is one thing republicans cry about when they aren't in power but don't give a damn about when they are in power it is deficits. They are for worse at spending money than democrats because while democrats want to raise spending they also want to pay for at least some of it, republicans do the opposite - they want to raise spending, usually on the military pointlessly, but then have tax cuts at the same time to make sure the deficit problem always gets worse under them. Their god reagan promoted trickle-down economics and republicans are too stupid to realize even decades later it doesn't actually work, but in terms of marketing its the only way they've found they can even remotely try to sell harmful tax cuts to at the very least trick their supporters, which is pretty easy since their supporters mostly just blindly follow what they do.

The one piece of legislation they want to do that I would be excited for is tax reform, though only because they claim they would simplify the tax system a lot, no doubt that their tax rates would be a disaster for the government and afterwards democrats would have to come in and up the rates but the tax system does need an overhaul to a much simpler system.

LadyJasmine said:
Imo the US System does not work well at all.

Didnt it take like 2 years to pass obamacare on its own with democratic majorities?

It took a long time, which is funny because every single republican will constantly cry out in public that democrats rushed it through like no other piece of legislation ever. I don't see how they get away with this outright lie, but then again republican voters don't care one bit about truth and lies. It was debated endlessly and amended a lot before they finally passed it.

But yeah obama wanted to actually include republicans in the discussion instead of doing exactly what republicans claim he did, and compromise with the republicans in order to get bipartisan support for it. Unfortunately all the republicans brought to the table were things that weakened the bill and not a single republican voted for it. So they maintained their complete opposition to it while also weakening it because Obama always went out of his way to work with republicans even though they hated him and their one goal was to obstruct him and lie to the american people telling them Obama would never work with republicans and rammed all of his legislation through congress. Though now that republicans are in charge that's exactly what they are actually trying to do, ram everything through, except so far their bills have been so terrible they can't even get enough republicans to vote for them.

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Then throw in Xrays, and the lateron therapy to regain strength in the leg..... yeah.

Im glad we dont have the USA's healthcare system here.

Im also happy the republicans havnt been able to take away any healthcare from anyone yet.

Republicans now control Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court. Still can't pass any new legislation. If the democrats had this level of support they'd be well on their way to bulldozing the opposition with the Nuclear Option, several new Supreme Court cases, and presidential overreach. The Nuclear Option would allow them to bring an end to the filibuster. New Supreme Court cases would let them overturn things like Citizens United, and stop voter I.D. laws. Presidential overreach would be fairly easy since nobody is going to take you to court when the court is in your favor. Just run about as president making multiple shady executive orders until the cows come home (Trump has already done this).

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