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Jon-Erich said:
TallSilhouette said:
Any job worth hiring someone full time to do should be worth paying them a livable wage for. If not, the job should not exist (at least not FT). If a company can't afford to pay its core employees livable wages, that company does not deserve to be in business.

So by your logic, poor people should never start a business. Unless you're someone who already has large sums of money, chances are, you'll need a loan from a bank to start your business and since you're nobody, the bank will only be willing to loan you so much money. As a result, you would have to start off small and you would be unable to pay your employees a lot of money until the business took off. 

Going by your logic, the only people who deserve to be in business are rich people who can easily afford these wages. Going by your logic, the economy should be set up in a way where the rich people run all the businesses while all the poor people should only work to make the rich people even richer. 

I'm not sure if this is what you intended to say, but it sure sounds like it.

Poor people should never run a business larger than they can afford to properly support. You can be a business of one. If you're starting out and can't afford full time employees with livable wages, do the work yourself and don't hire others until you can. If you can't get the proper loan yet but really need the extra hands, hire part timers and odd jobs to supplement, but not replace. If you really expect others to fully committ to getting your business off the ground without proper compensation, they deserve a percentage of the company. If you're unwilling to do any of those things, you don't deserve to be in business.

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fatslob-:O said:

Let me be the first to say that to anyone who thinks increasing minimum wage will result in a net increase in jobs are only fooling themselves ... 

From the posts in this thread not a lot of people understand the idea of 'money'. These notes are only useful for one thing and it being a medium for exchanging as they are not backed up by anything other than our own trust in it. Having more notes doesn't actually make you 'richer' so to speak assuming the demand stays the same ... 

You can lower or increase the minimum wage but it won't change a dick about your relative purchasing power since expenses change relative to the wages. There's an easy solution to be able to raise the minimum wage to $15 for everyone and that's by printing out twice the amount of cash than what's currently available but I wonder how they'll feel once they figure out that their purchasing power remains the same ...

But if bussiness were booming would he raise the wages? I haven't seen McDonald's doing that..

Haven't the minimum wage become less and less through the years, so basically employers are paying less than in the past? Still, even 10$ is way to small. At my job, the minimum we pay through collective bargain is the equivalent of 14$.

American wages baffle me. For 10$ and hour I wouldn't even get out of bed.

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Bring in the Unions and protest over losing 23% of your pay rate!

OTBWY said:
American wages baffle me. For 10$ and hour I wouldn't even get out of bed.

Try Eastern Europe, most people get 4$ an hour here.

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Wow, people here are actually against minimum wages. You guys must either be business owners who suck at making money or employees who don't like getting paid for working.

About 2.6% work at min wage or below (there are exceptions for jobs with tipping like bar-keeping)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year ... total of 3.3 million hourly workers at or below the federal minimum. That group represents ... 2.6% of all wage and salary workers. In 1979 the represented 7.9% of all wage and salary workers.

m0ney said:
OTBWY said:
American wages baffle me. For 10$ and hour I wouldn't even get out of bed.

Try Eastern Europe, most people get 4$ an hour here.

Relative to cost of living