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ArchangelMadzz said:
Its pretty cheap to upgrade considering that you can sell your current hardware and then the upgrade is much cheaper.

But not doing it is also a choice, which is good to have choice.

I don't have a 4K TV or PSVR so don't feel the need to upgrade, I'll probably wait until PS5.

What really gets me with these mid-gen upgrades is that when the PS5 does come, I'll be hesitant to be it right away because I'll be wondering if a better version is just around the corner.

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I'm passing on the Pro because it's a very small upgrade that for the most part doesn't benefit the 1080p experience. I'm buying Scorpio because it improves all games on the platform, and improves the 1080p experience for every game that utilizes the extra horsepower. One of my kids broke my 4k TV awhile back, so I probably won't invest a lot of money in another one. But there are lots of great budget 4k TVs now. The new TCL is getting pretty amazing buzz and it's like $550.

But I'm glad companies are finally starting to utilize the midngen refresh for something other than smaller consoles.

I bought a PS4 pro because there are some games running like shit (25 fps is shit to me) and I thought "Hey, at least we will have stability" which is true most of the time and that's why I'm ok with it. Also, it looks sexy on my cheap 4k monitor. Gaming is my number one priority when it comes to entertainment so yeah... justified.

i'm not upgrading, I think it's only worth it if you have a 4k TV, and I've only had my new TV for 18 months. ALthough I probably wouldn't bother anyway

i like having long gens as well. Plus, it's nice to see one big jump when going from say, PS4 to PS5, rather than seeing smaller jumps to Pro and then Xbox One X

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My TV is neither 4K nor HDR, so there's not much incentive for me until the TV gets an upgrade.

I'm no expert on this stuff, but I'd rather see more horsepower dedicated to increasing draw distances and reducing texture pop in. I'd prioritize that over a bump to 4K. Not where the industry is going though.

I bought a pro near launch, I gave my old ps4 to my nephews(which they don't play). I did regret it afterwards as I could not see any difference. But o well, I just thought games will come soon that will justify the purchase and horizon probably did, But I havent seen it on the og ps4.

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Because there is no point.

That is my reason. I just cant spend that much money again for a minimal upgrade wheni know in my head true 4K on consoles will come along with the PS5 and others in another couple of years.

If I did not already have a PS4 though I would have gone for the pro.

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I don't want to upgrade with half measures. So to be reasonably future proof I would need a hdmi 2.1 fully HDR capable TV and similar hdmi 2.1 compatible amplifier. (both not available yet) However since I do most of my gaming on a projector I rather wait until a good native 4K HDR projector supporting 4K60 with no chroma subsampling comes down to at most CAD 4000. ($50k atm)

I already have the pro though, since I needed a second ps4 (sharing a 500gb with my kids, too much trouble) and it gives a decent boost to psvr. It was only CAD 399, a fraction of the cost of upgrading my living room and game room to capable 4K and HDR.

Last gen I spend CAD 4500 on an early 52" 1080p tv (2006) and a year later the same on an great 1080p projector. I still use both of them. I expect a good 4K replacement to last 10 years or more as well.

Besides the cost and unavailability of the right hardware, there is hardly any content either. 4K blu-ray is not doing well, my cable has only 2 experimental 4k channels, one with some sports (which I never watch) and the other with a 6 hour loop of demo material. And my internet in this small town isn't capable of streaming 4k. So yeah, rather pointless to jump in now.