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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your single favorite game you saw from E3 2017?

Beyond Good and Evil 2. Holy shit guys. BTW if the space monkey program is correct it will be coming to Xbone, PS4, and PC. I'm trying to get in the PC beta.

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Juma009 said:
Metroid Prime 4 teaser.

You thought a screen with text was the best showing at E3 this year?

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Mario odyssey

God of War

Shadow of Colossus baby!

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Super Mario Odyssey was the best showing for me, followed by Spiderman.

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Splatoon 2(best looking game at E3) or Metriod Prime 4 which looks amazing. God of War 4 is alright too but wasnt as impressed as i was with Splatoon 2 and Metriod Prime 4.

I would say Metroid Prime 4, but considering all we got was a teaser, I'm going to go with Monster Hunter Worlds. Monster Hunter 4 is my 10th favorite game ever and Prime is my first, so i think it earns the bump for that in-depth look.

I haven't watched the Spiderman or Mario Odyssey gameplay yet tbh

KazumaKiryu said:

Spiderman (PS4) for me. But I also like the new DBZ game :)



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Metroid Prime 4. Even though we didn't see the game itself, the announcement alone was enough to satisfy me and then some more!