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shovel knight
a ship game which i forgot the name(edit: is graceful explosion machine)

and also 0 first party games, im 100% thirdy right now

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Ultra Street Figher 2
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Binding of A Issac Afterbirth +
The King of Fighters 98

I've got:

Puyo Puyo Tetris
Binding of Isaac Rebirth+
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Snake Pass
World of Goo
Fast RMX

I own:
* Super Bomberman R [R]
* Ultra Street Fighter II [R]
* Has Been Heroes [R]
* Binding of Isaac [R]
* I am Setsuna [R]
* Cave Story+ [R] (shipped early)
* Blaster Master Zero [D]
* Snake Pass [D]

I have plans to buy a few more, but need to beat all my games first. Still havnt beaten Has Been Heroes, I am Setsuna and Cave Story ofc.

Nice thread. I currently only have one 3rd-part-game: Bomberman. I plan to get more, but actually I currently am low on money and also wait for MyNintendo-bonuses on digital games. I plan to get Fast RMX, Kamiko, Disgaea and I am Setsuna at least.

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please add my games to the list.

King of Fighters 98
Alpha Mission II

This is a neat idea!

I don't have a Switch yet, so I'll track them when I do get one

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I only have Fast RMX so far. I have been meaning to pick up I Am Setsuna, however, it doesn't look like the west will be getting a physical copy, so I may have to bite the digital bullet.

For now:
- Fast RMX
- Blaster Master Zero
- Disgaea 5 Complete (physical)

I'm playing I am Setsuna now. Played kamiko, play puyo puyo, bomberman, and just bought disgaea 5. I'll buy Azure Stricker pack in august and Thou kobuto in september (and skyrim), if counts. for now.