Who won?

Microsoft 244 8.59%
Nintendo 1,837 64.64%
Sony 761 26.78%


Sony had the most stuff I want to play on one platform.

Bethesda had the most games I want to play from one publisher.

Ubisofts Far Cry 5, and Transference are looking awesome.

Nintendo gave Switch huge promise with Pokemon, and I can't eait for Mario Odyssey.

Microsoft has the Scorpio and a great back catalogue to expereince in 4K.

EA has A Way Out which I can't eait to play.

All in all I really enjoyed this year.

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Nintendo and Sony were both pretty good, Nintendo im my opinion wins it just cause of that Metroid Prime teaser.

Miguel_Zorro said:

1400 votes eh?

If you guys get that poll up to 10000 votes, I'll change my sig for a month to something really over the top about the company that wins.

I know you can do it!

Let's make it happen!





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Since there isn't a none option, i think i'm gonna go with Sony just to see the results. Why? Quite honestly, God of War looked amazing. Best in-game looker of the show imo. The gameplay looked god of war and not Souls like the last trailer. I went from not interested to interested. Beyond good of evil 2 was great but it was just CG.

LudicrousSpeed said:

Spider-Man QTE Extravaganza: Visually, looked incredible. Gameplay wise, looked boring. To be fair, I found the Batman games to get pretty boring quickly as well, and this really looks like Batman but with Spidey instead. The only cool parts imho were in the cut scenes, which there were too many of.

What???   May I ask what are your favorite games, gameplay wise?

I think I have to go with Ubisoft. Just old school mix of passionate devs, tears, triple A games and surprises, nice. Sony had the better games but presentation of the show wasn't as good. I dislike their new formula.

Nintendo had fun looking filler games in Yoshi but the show was lacking content (not surprising, it only ran for 25 minutes), Xenoblade 2 doesnt look good, not interested in Kirby, and only a tiny teaser of Metroid Prime 4.

Nintendo. Just pure and unadulterated fun.

I would say Nintendo and Ubisoft won, former showed momentum to its console whereas the later showed a few of cool unannounced games, capturing he public imagination. Both accomplished their objectives, whereas Microsoft failed to sell Xbox One X, Sony showed the same games of last year, EA left the single great game to Microsoft, and Bethesda, despite the great presentation, didn't had enough contain to sustain the whole thing.