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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many million sellers will the Switch have after a year?


How many million sellers will the Switch have after a year?

1-2. 17 3.44%
3-4. 63 12.75%
5-6. 140 28.34%
7-8. 120 24.29%
9-10. 66 13.36%
More than 10 million sellers. 88 17.81%

5 or 6. i cant see too many huge AAA games all being ready for the first year. it will definitely get a lot more in its lifetime though

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1-2 Switch

Possibly: ARMS, Fire Emblem Warriors, Sonic

I expect a couple of third parties to achieve so my prediction is:

9 First Year

Possibly 13

I'll guess about 7.

Along with Zelda, I think we can count on Splatoon , MK8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey. Besides that, there are a lot of unknowns. Arms' level of success is a mystery, Minecraft may not quite get to a million this year, 1-2 Switch may fade after the launch window, and there are probably one of two notable games coming out in 2017 we don't know about.

Love and tolerate.

In the best case scenario + 10 million sellers would be alright.

But my guts tell me we'll get to see 7-8 of them which will be :

- Zelda Botw(already)
- MK8DX (probably is already)
- Splatoon (Japan alone could do it easily in two weeks)
- Super Mario Odyssey (of course !!)
- 1-2 Switch (It's launch game status will help it)
- Xenoblade 2 (Due to being the first big JRPG hitting this system)
- Arms (It's legs will be enough to make it past 1M)

Maybe :

- Fire Emblem Warriors (If the game is good then I can see another Hyrule Warriors type of success)
- Super Bomberman R (Most likely but I still need to see that happening)
- Skyrim (Maybe people really want that portability factor)
- Minecraft (No need to explain)
- FIFA18 (Big franchise, probably will do gangbuster in Europe)

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- Zelda
- MK8D
- 1 2 Switch
- Minecraft
- Arms
- Splatoon 2
- FE Warriors

- Mario Odyssey 

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minimum 7-8

- BotW
- 1-2 Switch
- MK8D
- Splatoon 2

+ few more games, like Arms, Fifa 18, FE Warriors

I'm surprised how few people are predicting Skyrim. I acknowledge it's "old", but the game is a perfect pairing for Zelda and has not appeared on a Nintendo console until now. I bet Bethesda(?) is very excited to see how Zelda is flying off the shelves.

ARMS I am not as optimistic about as a lot of people in this thread, but admittedly Nintendo does regularly pull 1 mil with it's game.

I think around 5-6.

Could be some surprises if the install base increases rapidly as it has been. I think FIFA has a shot.

Nintendo should consider a FIFA bundle for Europe.

Pretty much every Nintendo published title has a shot at a million too. 

Dragon Quest XI is a given too. 

Million sellers (WW):

All Nintendo published games basically, Dragon Quest XI, Minecraft, maybe FIFA. 

Over 500k:

Bomberman R, Ultra Street Fighter II, Sonic Mania, Skyrim, etc. 

i say at least 7 million

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If it makes out soon, I'd say Project: Octopath Traveller could have a good shot too. Companies that can have Switch product ready for this Christmas are going to cash in. I'm not a fan of the IP, but Take2 really has to be considering a GTAV port. If they could get it out by November, they'd make an easy couple of million in sales.