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No. My PC is next gen though.

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Of course not, no more than the PS4 Pro is "next-gen." It's more or less a souped-up XBO designed for 4K gaming. It's not anywhere close to a generation leap. The CPU is apparently the same as the XBO, just clocked a bit faster. The GPU is only about 50% more powerful than the Pro's. It's got only 50% more RAM than the Pro, whereas the base PS4 and XBO both have 16 times the RAM of the PS3 and 360, with a memory bandwidth also an order of magnitude higher. And like the Pro, all that additional power is going toward higher TV resolutions, not pushing the overall graphics themselves to next-gen levels. It will have no real exclusives aside from VR titles, and will share 90+% of the same library as the PS4 & PS4 Pro and 99+% of the same library as the XBO.

TL;DR: This is simply a performance boost to an existing platform, not an entirely new platform.

It's certainly no full step up in magnitude from the Xbone, and it doesn't have any new input/output capabilities, or any new games.

That said, the Switch isn't really a big step up in power from Wii U either, but it could be labeled next gen in the sense that it indeed is Nintendo's new flagship console.

So I think it could really go either way. I wouldn't be against counting it as part of the 9th gen.

bigtakilla said:

Let's get to the meat and potatos, and cut the bs.

It can run games at native 4k, while the Xbone is 900p in most cases (skipping 1080p, 2k, better than 2k but not 4k checkerboarding, and going straight to 4k), while Wii U to Switch IS a gen change going from 700p to 900p. This is a vastly bigger leap for Microsoft in every possible way. Even doing this, Digital Foundry says a lot of the simpler games running at native 4k may even have overhead for better effects. So where do you stand. a console being the weakest of the two jumping ahead of its competition and its mid gen upgrade, will it need an xbone2 in a year or two, or more like several?

Nah. It has the same cpu and gpu as the PS4 Pro, only higher clocked and with 4 CUs extra.

If they went with Ryzen and Vega, that would be next gen. Also it would need games to show for it. Rendering Fohza 6 in 4K isn't the next generation of consoles.

Didn't we already have a thread about this a few weeks/months ago? Or was it about whether or not the Switch was next gen?

Anyways, I don't think gens still exist. The quality of the consoles doesn't improve as much anymore as it used to.

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Nope. An increase in resolution doesn't mean it's automatically an next-gen system. It has the same roles as the PS4 Pro.

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If it makes this site load in less than 5 minutes I would consider it next gen.

Its more than halfways to the next gen.... I dont think next gen (playstation 5) will be more than 10 teraflops

Power does not define generations. It's an upgrade to an existing console with an existing library.

Turbo-Duo was not a next gen system. It was a mass upgrade. PS2 slim models with a faster CPU is just a upgrade.
Sega Wonder Mega was not a next gen system but a upgrade. Game Boy Color was a upgrade. Same with GBA SP to GBA. Same with DS light to DS or DSi to DSL. New 3DS to 3DS. PSP 2000 as to PSP. All just upgrades.

Not next gen just a mid-gen refresh that corrected problems with current systems. Clearly, the goal here was to make a developer friendly system. I'm excited about this system and will definitely be picking it up.
I picked up a PS4Pro when it dropped because I wanted a better experience and it delivers that in spades compared to the OG PS4. Scorpio is going to offer a better experience than the OG Xbox 1 or the S is capable of.